3 pros and cons to the Commanders picking up Chase Young’s option

(Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports) Chase Young
(Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports) Chase Young /
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What are some pros and cons behind the Washington Commanders potentially picking up defensive end Chase Young’s fifth-year option in 2023?

The Washington Commanders have a big upcoming decision centering around Chase Young and his fifth-year option. This has already proven to be a contentious issue among fans, which is thanks in no small part to the defensive end featuring just 12 times over the last two seasons.

Young burst onto the scene en route to winning NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. It’s not been a bed of roses since then, which leaves the Commanders in a bind regarding a player they took No. 2 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft.

According to The 33rd Team, activating Young’s option costs Washington around $17.45 million. Not chump change by any stretch, but something the Commanders could afford with $99 million available to spend in 2024.

Looking in-depth at this topic, here are three pros and cons of Washington’s upcoming dilemma with Young.

Pro No. 1

(Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports) Chase Young /

Commanders hold cards if Chase Young bounces back

Although there is a huge amount of trepidation about Chase Young’s long-term prospects thanks to almost constant injury issues over the last two years, the defensive end could also bounce back in fine style next season. The dominant traits are there, it’s staying healthy that’s become the biggest stumbling block.

If the Washington Commanders don’t pick up the option and Young has a career campaign, they’ve lost all leverage outside of using the franchise tag. Triggering the fifth year on his rookie deal keeps all options on the table based on his performance levels.