Trent Williams trolling Cowboys fans after Wild Card win is perfection

The first round of the playoffs couldn’t have gone better for fans of the Washington Football Team. Between the Eagles getting spanked by Tom Brady and the Buccaneers and the Cowboys continuously shooting themselves in the foot (14 penalties) in a home loss to the 49ers, it was a perfect weekend.

While Philly’s loss was expected, Dallas’ game could’ve gone either way and the fact they lost in spectacular fashion made it all the more enjoyable.

From Jerry Jones’ stadium hurting his own team — see Cedrick Wilson being blinded by a glare of sunlight and Bryan Anger having a punt bounce off the colossal video screen — the delay of game penalty after a fake punt and the disaster final play, this game was everything a rival fan could’ve asked for and then some.

The entirety of NFL Twitter excoriating Dallas was a treat in and of itself, but we can do you one better, Washington fans.

After the game, Dallas-based photographer Cooper Neill captured a once-in-lifetime photo of Trent Williams. What was the star left tackle doing? Laughing in the face of a group of Cowboys fans who were flipping him the bird.

Former Washington Football Team left tackle Trent Williams is a legend for trolling Cowboys fans.

Pro Football Focus’ grading system is open for interpretation, but I think we can all get behind the idea that this photo belongs in the Hall of Fame. Heck, Neill himself deserves a spot in Canton for bringing this moment to life.

Having played for Washington for nine seasons, Williams is all too familiar with the cry baby nature of Cowboys fans. Between throwing garbage at the referees after the game and flipping Williams off — even if it was in good fun — Cowboys Nation always shows its true colors after a crushing loss.

By all accounts, this is an iconic photo. However, if the 49ers were to fulfill their team-of-destiny feel, it could creep towards legendary status. Between Williams pointing and laughing in these fans’ faces, to the fans feeling helpless and pressured into giving him the middle finger (sick one, guys) this is tough to beat.

It just goes to show that sometimes the front row doesn’t always qualify as the best seat in the house. While it might be second to none after a victory, it’s hard to think of being positioned any worse after a loss.

Williams proved that here by humiliating these fans and giving something to remember him by. At least when they arrived home they got to tell everyone they got trolled by maybe the best left tackle of his generation.

Congrats? Your Cowboys still lost.