Washington Football Team by the numbers through two weeks of the season

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LANDOVER, MD – SEPTEMBER 13: Dwayne Haskins #7 of the Washington Football Team drops back to pass in the scond quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at FedExField on September 13, 2020 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

Dwayne Haskins’ quarterback stats

Let’s start with the most important position, Quarterback.  There are many tools available to grade a Quarterback.

We have QB rating, which in my opinion is very outdated and old school, but it’s still used as the standard by many people.  QB rating is basically calculated by the TD-INT ratio, completion percentage, and passing yards. Sports Illustrated’s Kerry Byrne published an article in 2011 that reported nearly 80 percent of teams with a QB that had the higher passer rating won their match up any given week.

After two weeks, Dwayne Haskins ranks 22nd in passer rating in the NFL.  That makes sense, as he’s had zero interceptions which is a huge plus, but his lack of TDs, yards, and a lower completion percentage put him at 22nd. That’s still not terrible considering he’s ranked above 10 other starting QBs in the league and in a spot that would put him on the cusp of being considered a franchise quarterbacks.

A more recent rating system has been established by Pro Football Focus and is a popular site for player rankings, especially by the younger generation. For a quarterback, they will isolate the player on each play of the game and not necessarily grade him higher for a positive play (such as a long pass, TD, etc.) if he wasn’t a key factor in the success of a play.  After two weeks, Haskins has one of the lowest PFF grades of all starting quarterbacks.

The last quarterback rating I’ll cover is QBR.  QBR is difficult to understand and tougher to explain.  To simplify it, they award more value on a 6-yard pass play on second-and-5 then they do for a 6-yard pass play on third-and-10.  They also adjust based on the caliber of defense a player is competing against.

While none of these rating systems are a perfect science, QBR is my preference. After two weeks, Dwayne Haskins ranks 33rd in QBR, dead last of all starting QB’s.

No matter what rating tool you prefer or if you simply choose to use them all collectively, the start to the 2020 season for Haskins (by the numbers) has not been stellar and leaves much room for improvement.  And Haskins is not all to blame for his slow start.  The play calling must improve, the offensive line has deficiencies, and he’s lacking some weapons.

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