Redwolves name emerging as a favorite of Redskins Twitter

The Redskins are exploring a name change and if fans of the team have anything to say about it, Redwolves would be the team’s new name.

Since the Washington Redskins announced that they would review their name and consider changing it, there have been many options floated by fans of the team. Warriors. Redtails. Sentinels. Generals. Renegades. The list goes on.

But over the course of the past week, another name has emerged from Redskins Twitter. And it has quickly gained steam. The potential name? The Washington Redwolves.

As Sam Fortier of The Washington Post said on Twitter, the name is gaining “serious traction”. Jonathan Allen and former Redskins linebacker Will Compton were among the players to express approval of the option for the team’s new name.

And a particularly telling metric of just how much the fans like the name? Check out this poll by golf announcer and former NBC Sports Washington anchor Chick Hernandez.

As of this writing, there are 3,000+ votes in for the poll. The Redwolves are garnering nearly 64 percent of the vote. It’s not a huge sample size, but it’s big enough to realize that Redwolves is emerging as a fan favorite.

It’s easy to see why Redwolves is becoming popular. First of all, a wolf is a pretty cool mascot and would check the box of the intensity that fans tend to look for in logos/mascots. Second, having the name Redwolves would easily allow the team a chance to keep the Burgundy and Gold color scheme which is one of the team’s biggest goals in a potential rebrand.

A good example of what that might look like comes via Joe Torres. And the logo is pretty clean-looking overall.

There are other options, like the logo Compton retweeted as part of the Fortier tweet, so the team would have plenty of choices moving forward.

And one final point on the name: Redwolves aren’t a made-up creature. They do exist and as our own Ian Cummings outlined in a recent piece.

A red wolf is actually a real thing; it’s not a made up mascot contrived to fulfill a team’s color scheme requirement. Red wolves are actually an endangered species, native to the United States. In times where the red wolves had higher numbers, they may have been found in D.C., but they’ve been reduced to wilderness areas in North Carolina and captive breeding grounds.

In a way, the Redskins are not so different from the Redwolves. Outnumbered, up against the odds, but perhaps destined to make a dramatic return.

It will be interesting to see if Dan Snyder and Co. are paying attention to this Twitter trend. At this point, there’s no clear-cut plan for how they’re going to go about changing the team name. All signs pointed to Warriors being the early favorite given that Snyder once owned the “Washington Warriors” trademark for a potential venture into the AFL, but perhaps they’re keeping an eye on Twitter to see what fans may prefer.

We’ll keep you updated on the Redskins’ potential name change as more stories emerge. For now, this is just a Twitter concept gaining steam, but it will be interesting to see if this grabs the attention of the Redskins higher-ups.