Redskins: Riggo’s Rag Podcast – James Smith-Williams breakdown

Our Redskins draft podcast series now concludes with an in-depth analysis of Washington’s final pick in the 2020 NFL Draft: NC State edge rusher James Smith-Williams.

On one hand, the Washington Redskins selection of James Smith-Williams doesn’t warrant much analysis. Seventh-round picks always come with tempered expectations, and you can’t often find a bad reason to pick somebody at that point. Seventh-round picks have the lowest hit rates, and so the risk and reward of selecting one over another is relatively minimal.

With that being said, however, the Redskins had several needs to address on the board, including tight end and cornerback, and when given a chance to add a defensive back with upside to an uncertain secondary, or add one of the remaining tight ends (They wound up getting Thaddeus Moss as an UDFA, so no harm, no foul), they chose to double-dip on the edge, and add another player to an already stacked defensive line.

NC State defensive end James Smith-Williams has some measured upside, but was he worth passing up on greater positions of need? What can he do to maximize his skill set in Year 1 and beyond, and what should be expected of him in the early goings, as well as into the latter stages of his rookie deal? And is it really a big deal, this late into the NFL Draft? Those questions, among others, were the focus of our latest episode Riggo’s Rag Podcast!

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As usual, I was joined by co-expert Jacob Camenker to talk about Redskins seventh-round pick James Smith-Williams, an intriguing prospect who may have to wait to make a tangible on-field impact, but has the character traits to be of benefit regardless of his role. To listen and join in on the conversation, simply click the play button below!


That’s all from us for now, and that concludes our 2020 NFL Draft podcast series! Feel free to voice your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below, as well as ask questions about our analysis.

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If you missed one of our earlier podcasts, don’t worry; we’ll have an article with all of them included soon enough, so you can browse on your own time. And if you have any hearing disabilities and are unable to listen, take a look at Jacob’s in-depth written analysis of Smith-Williams linked above!

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