Redskins reportedly trade for Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen

The Washington Redskins will have a new backup quarterback in 2020. They have reportedly acquired Kyle Allen via trade from the Carolina Panthers.

Entering the 2020 offseason, it was clear that the Washington Redskins needed a backup quarterback. Even though the new coaching staff seems committed to giving Dwayne Haskins a chance to be the team’s starter in 2020, the team needed an established veteran presence behind him.

Case Keenum and Colt McCoy were both set to hit free agency. They signed with the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants respectively. And while Alex Smith is progressing in his recovery from a devastating leg injury suffered in 2018, there’s no guarantee that he will be able to play this season. In truth, he may never play again.

Because of these facts, the Redskins needed a potential backup, but they needed it to be one who would come cheap. That’s why they traded for Carolina Panthers backup quarterback Kyle Allen, according to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.

And according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Redskins are sending a fifth-round pick to Carolina in exchange for Allen.

This deal makes a lot of sense. As Rapoport mentioned, the Panthers signed PJ Walker of the XFL on Monday morning to join their quarterback room. Walker had played under new Panthers coach Matt Rhule during his time at Temple, so it made sense for Walker to team up with him and battle for a backup quarterback spot.

And aside from Walker, the Panthers have Teddy Bridgewater, who they signed to a three-year deal worth $63 million, Cam Newton, who they are also looking to trade, and 2019 third-round pick Will Grier. If the team can offload Newton, their plan may be to have Bridgewater start while Walker and Grier battle for the backup job.

As for the Redskins, they needed a veteran backup and they got one. Allen has made 13 NFL starts and has a 6-7 record. At times, he has looked great on the field and while he regressed as the 2019 campaign went along, he showed some flashes of being a low-level starter. So, getting a player like that to be a backup is certainly solid.

Allen also is familiar with Ron Rivera and Scott Turner after starting for them for most of last season. That should help him adjust to the Redskins offense and be ready for game action in 2020, if needed.

And Allen is still young himself. He just turned 24 at the start of March, so he is developing and has upside. Could he progress and become a decent NFL starter? It’s possible. And even if not, he should still be a rock-solid backup on a deal worth less than $700k. Those types of players aren’t always easy to find.

Giving up a fifth-round pick for Allen may not be ideal. They probably should’ve tried to get him for a sixth (in 2021, they don’t have one this year) or seventh or maybe a swap of late-round picks. But the Redskins needed a backup and they must’ve decided that price was worth it to get one. We’ll soon see if Allen can build off his best moments with the Panthers last year but at the very least, he should be a nice fit in the backup quarterback position for Washington.