Washington Redskins: 15 greatest running backs in franchise history

Stephen Davis, Washington Redskins. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Stephen Davis, Washington Redskins. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /
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Washington Redskins
Washington Redskins. (Getty Images) /

Throughout his time with the Redskins, Andy Farkas shared a backfield with Sammy Baugh. At the time, the backfield wasn’t big enough for the two larger-than-life icons. There were times when Redskins fans didn’t know who was the bigger star.

We all know how the story ends; Baugh is now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, regarded as one of the most exciting players ever to suit up in football pads. But Farkas’ legacy should not be forgotten under the shadow of Baugh’s, for he forged his own reputation in the nation’s capital.

Known as “Anvil Andy” for his unforgiving, physical running style, the Washington Post once named Farkas as the “hardest running back in the league”. Early on, Farkas made his presence felt; he was a top-10 draft pick. He earned his first All-Pro bid in just his second season when he led the NFL in total touchdowns.

Farkas would play seven seasons with the Redskins before being traded back to his hometown Detroit Lions ahead of the 1944 campaign. He’d never earn a gold jacket like his teammate Baugh, but his contribution to the team’s NFL Championship in 1942 can’t be understated. He was the anvil that sharpened the blade.