Redskins: Remembering wild finish in 2006 season over rival Cowboys

The Redskins will square off with the Cowboys this coming Sunday. With the drama that has unfolded since the loss to Philly in Week 1, let’s remember a wild finish and victory over the Cowboys from 2006.

The Redskins are now just a few days removed from a devastating loss to the Eagles in Week 1. Truly a tale of two halves, the Redskins blew a 20-7 halftime lead to eventually fall 32-27.

While the loss to the Eagles has stung since it officially became a reality, to make matters worse, the drama that has followed the team throughout the Dan Snyder era seems to have retaken its familiar place at Redskins Park.

Some of the more noteworthy topics of the week have included injuries to Jonathan Allen and Derrius Guice, Morgan Moses thrashing the head coach’s decision to make Adrian Peterson a healthy scratch, and of course Trent Williams‘ continued holdout because of issues with the medical staff.

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Things seem to be quickly getting back to familiar yet unwanted territory for both players and fans alike. Both of whom which would much rather focus their attention on the upcoming opponent or the exceptional Week 1 performances of star rookies Terry McLaurin and Cole Holcomb.

But don’t worry Redskins fans, instead of focusing too much on the drama, let’s take a look at a rather special moment in franchise history that should be able to help all those who closely follow the team smile for even just a second.

In Week 9 of the 2006 regular season, the Redskins were able to pull off an improbable 22-19 victory over the Cowboys in the final seconds of a thrilling game.

With six seconds remaining on the game clock, and the score tied up at 19-19, kicker Mike Vanderjagt lined up for what seemed to be a simple 35-yd field goal that would seal up a victory for the hated Cowboys. However, what happened next was nothing short of amazing.

Newly signed defensive back Troy Vincent was able to get his hand on the attempt after rushing the kick from the outside. With the kick blocked, legendary safety Sean Taylor scooped up the ball and returned it into Cowboys territory after making a set of moves that would make most offensive players proud. On the return, a Cowboys offensive lineman briefly grabbed the face-mask of Taylor which led to a 15-yd penalty. The penalty would set up Redskins kicker Nick Novak for a 47-yd field goal. Novak, of course, made the kick and the rest is history.

To re-live the sequence in full, simply watch the video below, courtesy of NFL Throwback.

This game, along with the heroics of Santana Moss in the “Monday Night Miracle” from 2005, has become one of the more celebrated wins in the Redskins’ recent history. The intense rivalry with the Cowboys has surely seen it’s fair share of highs and lows since the two teams started playing each other in the 1960s.

On Sunday at FedEx Field, the Redskins will be desperate to achieve their first win of the season against the rival Cowboys in Week 2. While they are again underdogs in the match-up, maybe another wild finish in favor of the home team will be in the cards.