For Redskins, unattainable goals require drafting a quarterback early

There is no consensus on what the state of the Redskins franchise truly is in 2019.

Some will tell you that the Washington Redskins are not yet fit to compete in the NFL. Some will tell you that their 6-3 record through nine games last season was a mirage, and that the construction of a true contender requires a greater investment of time and a greater emphasis on cohesive direction, as opposed to dart-throwing every offseason.

Between Alex Smith‘s cumbersome contract situation and the team’s average baseline roster talent, as well as lacking depth, it might be best to build for the future, as opposed to maximize everything this year. By using picks on the best players available, as opposed to purely filling needs, the Redskins could put themselves in a better situation, from a long-term standpoint.

The Redskins, however, don’t align with this philosophy, as long as Bruce Allen’s sentiments still stand. Allen stated in a press conference earlier this offseason that he views the Redskins as “close” to playoff contention, because they were only two games out last year. But look inside the lines, and the truth becomes apparent: The Redskins benefitted from luck, an easy schedule, and an unsustainable winning method. With their coaching and their lack of process, they might not be able to get over the hump that is always alluded to.

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The debate will rage on, regarding where on the spectrum this team falls. But Washington’s brass has repeatedly expressed a desire to contend immediately, even if they aren’t true competitors, so much as simply a team in the playoff conversation. This desire demands that the Redskins draft a quarterback early in the 2019 NFL Draft.

It’s a widely-known notion that teams need competence from their quarterback, at the very least, to compete in the NFL playoffs. The quickest, cheapest way for the Redskins to add competence, or at least try to do so, would be picking a quarterback in Round 1. But all of the quarterbacks in the 2019 NFL Draft have questions. Forcing the issue would be a very risky venture for a team like Washington, but with so much money on the books at quarterback, signing another competent free agent signal caller is unfeasible.

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Ultimately, the Redskins need to use their picks on their core, and not on their quarterback. Not quite yet. But the Redskins goals don’t align with what others view reality to be, and those goals could direct their decisions on draft day, for better or worse.

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