Washington Redskins: Sean Taylor’s killer headed for a reduced sentence?

Redskins nation has suffered a lot over the past 20 years. Nothing took a harder toll on the team and fan base then the loss of star safety Sean Taylor.

At only 24 years old, Sean Taylor, the Washington Redskins rising star, was gunned down in his home, falling victim to a botched robbery attempt.

While Taylor died in 2007, the trial for his killing did not take place until 2013. Four men were found guilty of various roles in the plot. Each was given varying sentences, including Jason Mitchell, who designed the plot and is serving life in prison.

Now, Taylor’s killer, Eric Rivera, who is five years into his 57-year prison sentence, is seeking to reduce that sentence. Rivera was 17 years old at the time when he kicked in Taylor’s bedroom door, where Taylor, his girlfriend, and infant daughter were sleeping. Taylor charged Rivera, attempting to defend his family with a machete, but was shot in the leg, and a bullet severed his femoral artery. Taylor died in the hospital days later.

Rivera’s attorney is hoping to capitalize on a Florida law passed months after his sentencing. In 2014, a Florida law passed that said any minor convicted of murder can have their sentence reviewed by a judge and possibly reduced.  This was backed by the Florida Supreme Court when they ruled that juveniles convicted of murder as minors, regardless of age, may receive new sentences.

The hearing is taking place on Wednesday, May 23, and will be heard by Judge Dennis Murphy. According to David Ovalle of the Miami Herald, the hearing will be attended by Taylor’s former girlfriend and mother of his child, Jackie Garcia Haley, and Taylor’s father.

Despite only playing three full seasons with the Washington Redskins, Sean Taylor will be forever remembered in the Washington Redskins Ring of Fame. Many players, coaches, and fans alike believe that not just the Washington Redskins, but the game itself lost a potential all-time great. Sean Taylor’s number, 21, remains unofficially retired by the Redskins.