NFL Mock Draft 7.0: Round 1 of the 2018 NFL Draft

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The NFL Draft is little more than a month away. As teams prepare, so do we.

With the NFL Combine and the first wave of free agency now in the rear view mirror, we are beginning to get a glimpse at what NFL rosters across the league will look like when the NFL Draft arrives.

Free agency has formed winners in the past. And it will do so again. There is never a year where a team does not benefit from its signings past the start of the new league year. And there is also never a years where disappointment does not unfurl behind the epic collapse of a highly coveted player.

Free agency is important. But it is unpredictable. Volatile. Where do you go to find the young talent? The players who are just entering the league, ripe with potential and excitement?

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The NFL Draft.

With the teams of the NFL taking shape, now is as good a time as ever to start our seven-round NFL Draft mock. Who will your team pick? And how will they look, entering the 2018 season? Turn the page, and see our projected first-round picks.

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