Redskins Live Game Blog: Week 4 vs. Kansas City Chiefs

LANDOVER, MD - NOVEMBER 16: An end zone marker is shown featuring an NFL 'Salute to Service' logo is shown before a game between the Washington Redskins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers FedExField on November 16, 2014 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
LANDOVER, MD - NOVEMBER 16: An end zone marker is shown featuring an NFL 'Salute to Service' logo is shown before a game between the Washington Redskins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers FedExField on November 16, 2014 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) /

Okay, Washington, you did it once. Now do it again.

The Washington Redskins notched one of the most impressive wins in a generation last week, pummeling the Raiders in a 27-10 rout on Sunday Night Football. And now, after a long week of preparation, they’ll go under the lights again, this time against the best team in the AFC West: The Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs’ team isn’t without its flaws, but its array of playmakers on the offensive side of the ball has been too much for all who’ve lined up across from them. Rookie sensation Kareem Hunt is taking the league by storm, on pace for a historic first season, while Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and Alex Smith are all making plays on their own as well.

Simply put, the Chiefs’ offense is one of the most electric in the league. But so was the Raiders’ offense, before they got dominated by the reborn Redskins’ defense. Sure, it was only one week. But the Redskins looked very, very good in that one week. Almost too good to be a fluke, right? I guess the only way to find out is to keep reading.

Game time is near, and in tonight’s matchup, the Redskins will look to cement themselves as one of the league’s best teams, and also stay with the Eagles at the top of the NFC East. A loss wouldn’t be the end of the world. But it would set them back to 2-2, and it would kill the momentum they gained last week. The hope is that the team is here to stay as a playoff contender. But nothing is set in stone until the final whistle blows. The Redskins played with stone-cold resolve in Week 3. Let’s see if they can do it again.

From this point on, we’ll provide you with updates on the game’s action, and we’ll also give you analysis and commentary as the game goes along. Sit back, enjoy the show, and keep the refresh button handy as we take you through the Redskins’ toughest test of the season!

7:40: Need to read up on our pre-game coverage so you can know all there is to know about tonight’s game? You can find all the information here!

8:00: Looks like it’s white on burgundy for the Redskins tonight. It’s uncertain whether there’s a correlation between burgundy pants and wins, but they certainly look better.

8:02: Robert Kelley, Jordan Reed, D.J. Swearinger, and Jamison Crowder were all listed on the injury report with minor injuries coming into tonight’s game. They’ll all be active against the Chiefs.

8:10: Josh Norman is sporting cleats with the flag of Puerto Rico drawn across the sides. Earlier this week, the Redskins cornerback donated $100,000 to support the relief effort in Puerto Rico in the wake of a devastating hurricane season.

8:13: The experts revealed their picks over a span of three seconds, dismissing the act as they all quickly agreed that the Redskins had little chance. We’ll see if they’re right.

8:27: It’s loud in Arrowhead Stadium. The Redskins have only played one other away game this season, and it was in Los Angeles, where the fans are far less devoted. The noise will only make it tougher for the burgundy and gold tonight.

8:30: The Chiefs won the toss and differed. The Redskins will start on offense after a fielded touchback.

8:31: The Redskins showed a commitment to the run early, starting off with a nice four yarder. Robert Kelley is showing improvement.

8:33: On third and one, the Redskins convert with a nice run by Robert Kelley. They’re feeding the big guy early, and so far, it’s working against the Chiefs’ front seven. They’re nearing midfield.

8:36: What a play by the Redskins!! Kirk Cousins showed incredible pocket presence, stepping up and going deep to Terrelle Pryor for a long touchdown. The Redskins are on the board first. It’s 7-0 early in the first.

8:40: The Chiefs started out on their own 25 yard line, and Alex Smith was quickly sacked by Ryan Kerrigan on a botched bootleg. Kerrigan is ever-consistent, and he continues to prove his worth with his 100th straight start.

8:41: On second down, the Redskins stuffed Kareem Hunt for a short gain, and the Chiefs’ starting right guard is down. The trainers are attending to his injury. It’ll be third and long when things get settled.

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8:42: The Redskins defense is showing crazy energy. After stuffing Hunt, Mason Foster and D.J. Swearinger stomped forward, yelling and shouting. They’re very clearly enjoying themselves, and they’re a hundred percent invested in the game. That energy has helped thus far.

8:44: On third and 17, the Chiefs went down low and Tyreek Hill dropped the pass. They’ll now punt after a quick three and out. The defense showed poise on their first drive.

8:45: Dustin Colquitt booted a measly 33-yard punt, and the Redskins will start their second drive near midfield. They have the momentum!

8:48: On third and seven, the Redskins convert with a quick pass from Cousins to Pryor. Cousins is showing impressive poise in the pocket against a good Chiefs rush.

8:49: Chris Thompson is a yardage machine. Even on shorter gains, he breaks tackles and evades rushers, getting as much as he can out of every touch. He’s an inexhaustible weapon for this offense. He was a little short on third down, but he made a valiant effort.

8:50: The Redskins went for it on fourth and one in enemy territory, calling a beautiful play call. Kirk Cousins faked the handoff to the middle and took it himself, getting a nice gain and a new set of downs. They’re giving the Chiefs a taste of creativity.

8:52: On third down, Jordan Reed caught a pass for a conversion, but he appeared to lose the football, surrendering it to the Chiefs’ defense. The play will go under review. If it stands, it kills the Redskins’ momentum.

8:56: They called Reed’s knee down, so it will be first down in the red zone for the Redskins!

8:58: The Redskins called the read option, but the Chiefs weren’t having it. They stop him short, and Dustin Hopkins will come out for the short field goal attempt.

9:00: Early on, the Redskins are in control. They’re winning the possession battle. They’ll have to keep it going. There’s still 2:47 to go in the first quarter.

9:02: This Redskins run defense is mauling the line. The Chiefs tried to execute an option play on first and second down, but they were stuffed both times. The Redskins appear to have done well in film study this week.

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9:03: Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, the Chiefs’ starting right guard, will reportedly not return to the game tonight.

9:04: It was bound to happen sooner or later. Travis Kelce beat slot cornerback Kendall Fuller on third and long, and Alex Smith found him wide open. It’s now first and ten near midfield for the Chiefs.

9:06: At the end of the first quarter, the Redskins lead 10-0. The Chiefs are driving, but so far, the Redskins have been in control. They’ll have to make some adjustments to curb the Chiefs’ growing momentum. But a double digit lead after fifteen minutes certainly puts them in prime position.

9:08: To start the second quarter, Alex Smith showed off his running ability, escaping a near sack and rushing for a first down. His mobility is an underrated aspect of his game, and it’s something the Redskins have to account for.

9:11: The Chiefs needed to gain seven for the first down, but instead, they lost eight. Alex Smith was overwhelmed in the pocket quickly. Matt Ioannidis and Preston Smith got to him first. They punted the ball for a touchback. The Redskins will start out at their own 20.

9:15: On first down, Kirk Cousins found Vernon Davis for a big gain. They now have the ball at the forty yard line, and they’re moving the ball once again. Trent Williams, however, is down. It appears he may have simply cramped up.

9:18: Samaje Perine is getting some looks now. He appears better and better with every week. He’s running well behind the Redskins offensive line.

9:20: On third and short, Kirk Cousins throws a dangerous incompletion, and the Redskins punted, forcing Tyreek Hill to call a fair catch at the 14-yard line. They did what they needed to do, keeping the Chiefs off the field and pinning them deep.

9:23: Kareem Hunt broke his first big run of the day, pushing defenders back for a twelve yard gain. They need to watch out for his combination of speed and power. He’s a dangerous back, and he’s still being figured out.

9:24: Finishing tackles is starting to become a concern. The Redskins are letting the Chiefs drive slowly but surely. They need to maintain their momentum. Letting a team like the Chiefs back into the game can be a dangerous thing.

9:26: Travis Kelce got lit up by Josh Norman on first down, and on second down, Bashaud Breeland stopped a mid-range run with a physical tackle. The Redskins’ cornerback duo is proving to be one of the better ones.

9:27: Come on, Bree, I just complimented you. On third down, Breeland was charged with illegal contact, resulting in an untimely first down for the Chiefs.

9:29: The Redskins pass rush is throwing Smith off balance on a regular basis. They’re getting consistent penetration, and it’s improving the play of the defense as a whole.

9:33: On third and six from the 47-yard line, the Chiefs were once again mauled by the Redskins aggressive defense. Smith dumped off the pass, and the receiver was quickly devoured by Zach Brown. They’ll end yet another drive with a punt. The Redskins will start deep in their own territory.

9:35: On second and ten, the Redskins call their first timeout with 5:50 to go in the half. They’d do well to start another drive, but the Chiefs are starting to get tough on defense.

9:37: On third and 3, Terrelle Pryor dropped an easy pass, and the Redskins will punt, giving the Chiefs the ball back with plenty of time to score. Pryor has to be more consistent, or else Doctson could start getting more looks as the premier receiver.

9:38: It’ll be interesting to see whether the defense maintains its tenacity and speed as the game goes on. The offense went three and out on that drive, giving the defense little time to rest. How long can they hold off the Chiefs?

9:41: On second and 8, the Chiefs went five wide and Hunt bobbled a screen pass. It was nearly intercepted, and had it been, it could have gone for six. Instead, it’ll be third and 8.

9:43: Make that third and 3. Preston Smith was baited offsides by Alex Smith’s hard count.

9:44: The Chiefs converted on third down, and now, with three minutes to go, they’re in enemy territory, threatening to put points on the board. They’re following a philosophy similar to the Redskins, running early and passing in the latter downs.

9:46: The Chiefs are inside the twenty yard line at the two minute warning. How about a red zone pick, boys?

9:47: The Chiefs have found a mismatch. Travis Kelce vs. Anybody. The big tight end is dominating against the Redskins secondary, and he found the end zone first for the Chiefs. The PAT is good, and the score is now 10-7. The Redskins remain on top for now.

9:50: Josh Norman is headed to the locker room with a rib injury. He’s questionable to return.

9:52: The Redskins are throwing the football during the two minute drill, but so far, it isn’t working well. They need to throw down the middle and exploit the mismatch at tight end.

9:53: If the Redskins head into the locker room with the lead gone from their grasp, then they’ll be in rough shape to start the second half. The Chiefs have the ball with a little over a minute to go.

9:55: On third and 7, the Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith showed off his wheels, escaping the rush once again and going for a huge gain of 32. Swearinger threw him down at the end of the play, but the Chiefs are threatening to score once again.

9:57: The safeties, Nicholson and Everett in particular, need to bring more help to take on Travis Kelce. The second level isn’t getting it done.

10:00: Our halftime takeaways are up! Check them out here!

10:13: It’s good to just have the lead against the Chiefs. But the Redskins had multiple opportunities to extend their lead even further, and they couldn’t do it. They’ll have to start strong in the second half.

10:14: The Chiefs will start behind the 25 yard line. Josh Norman is said to be getting X-Rays. He’s expected to be out for at least a couple of weeks.

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10:16: The Chiefs are being very methodical with their drives, and it’s proving to be an Achilles heel for the Redskins’ coverage team, who can’t seem to cover the middle of the field.

10:18: On third and short, the Chiefs had Alex Smith keep it himself and get the first down. The conversion only continues this back-breaking drive.

10:20: This is an unsustainable strategy for the Redskins. They can’t keep letting the Chiefs grind out yards. A tired defense doesn’t bode well in the long run. Not at all.

10:22: After a personal foul, the Chiefs have the ball on the goal line, and they’re knocking on the door to score and take the lead.

10:23: After an offsides penalty by Preston Smith, the Chiefs easily scored on third and goal, taking a 13-10 lead with a PAT pending.  Alex Smith took it himself, and just like that, the momentum is gone.

10:27: The Redskins offense can learn a thing or two from the Chiefs. They’ve been stagnant the last couple drives. The score is 14-10.

10:30: The Redskins are paying Kirk Cousins to put the team on his back in situations like this. Can he give the offense life?

10:32: Yes he can! Cousins hit Vernon Davis for a huge, huge gain of 69 yards. It’s now second and goal after a short run, and the Redskins are knocking on the door.

10:33: Touchdown, Redskins! Kirk Cousins delivers quickly with a touchdown strike to Ryan Grant. The PAT is good, and the Redskins take a 17-14 lead. We’re starting to see more offense here.

10:35: The scoring drive is helpful, but it gives a tired and banged up defense little time to rest. We’ll see if the Chiefs come right back, and how fast.

10:37: On first down, D.J. Swearinger got to Alex Smith and helped force a sack. It’s the team’s third of the night. On the next play, they tackled Kareem Hunt for a short gain. It’ll be third and long for the Chiefs.

10:39: The Chiefs converted with a pass play, and they’re now driving nicely down the field. Smith is accurate in a clean pocket, and he can evade a jumbled one.

10:41: The defense is looking less and less composed as the game goes on. They’re getting called for plenty of bad penalties. The Chiefs’ offense has a way of doing that to opposing units.

10:46: On third and 6, the Chiefs convert again. Last week, the Redskins handled third downs well, but this week, they’re looking more like the 2016 Redskins.

10:51: The Redskins are keeping it on the ground, despite the close quarters of the game. Samaje Perine is looking good in second half action.

10:55: The offense is working well on this drive, holding a nice balance.

10:57: On third and long, Kirk Cousins went deep and overthrew Ryan Grant. The Redskins punt and the touchback will lead to a new Chiefs’ possession at the 20.

11:00: The Redskins have been hampered with injuries tonight. Quinton Dunbar went down after that last punt, making the Redskins only thinner at the cornerback position.

11:02: Fabian Moreau is in the game at left cornerback. He got picked on in his first coverage snap, letting the check down go for a first down.

11:05: It’s in times like these that a team’s true depth is tested. The Redskins are losing a lot of players, and very fast. They need to show they can stay the course. That’s easier said than done.

11:06: Multiple injured players are showing resilience, staying in the game and providing an impact. But they can’t go on forever. This Chiefs’ offense is just too good.

11:08: On play action, the Redskins got to Alex Smith and took him down for another sack. Terrell McClain will get credit, but it was a jail break all around.

11:11: Kareem Hunt has 19 carries for 102 yards. He continues to take the league by storm. It’s third and four.

11:13: The Redskins continue to shoot themselves in the foot with costly third down penalties. They look sloppier and sloppier as the game goes on. The Chiefs, meanwhile, only keep gaining momentum.

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11:15: Kansas City gets another field goal and the score is 20-17 with around six minutes to go.

11:17: After that long drive, the offense should be fresh and ready to go. Should be. They have a lot of pressure on their backs.

11:19: The momentum is in Kansas City’s favor. The Redskins need to take it back on this pivotal drive.

11:21: Another third down and long. The Redskins too often find themselves in these types of situations. They’re in a must-convert area of the game.

11:22: On third and long, Kirk Cousins took it himself for a nice gain and a first down. He can run, too. And he showed it on the subsequent second down as well, moving the chains again.

11:23: A touchdown would be ideal here, but as long as the Redskins take time off the clock and get a field goal, they can keep themselves in the game.

11:25: In field goal range, the Redskins let Cousins scramble again. He’s slowly chipping away at the Chiefs’ defense with his legs.

11:26: With 57 seconds to go, Jay Gruden calls a timeout on third and two. The Redskins are in field goal range, but they don’t want to give the electric Chiefs’ offense enough time to move the football.

11:29: Josh Doctson dropped a perfect pass from Cousins and Dustin Hopkins tied the game with a field goal. The Chiefs have 48 seconds to score and end the game.

11:33: The Redskins defense folded under pressure, and Alex Smith got off a long completion to Albert Wilson. The game is all but in the books now. The team is in field goal range, and the Redskins only have one timeout.

11:37: The ball came loose on that last play, and it’s under review. But the runner was very clearly down. The play will stand.

11:39: As expected, the play stood, and now the Chiefs have 27 seconds to run out before they kick the game-winning field goal.

11:41: Gruden iced the kicker. Take two is coming up. He made the first.

11:43: The kick is good. The Chiefs take a 23-20 lead with four seconds left.

Kansas City wins it, 29-20. That’s all she wrote. Our Redskins Recap will be up shortly.