Kirk Cousins plays a round of golf with President Trump

The Washington Redskins are located in the nation’s capital. Kirk Cousins took advantage of that by playing a round of golf with President Trump.

Though Kirk Cousins is once again on a one year deal with the Washington Redskins, that has not stopped him from making new friends in the nation’s capital. According to reports, Cousins recently played a round of golf with President Donald Trump.

Trump, an avid golfer, appears to be starting a trend of inviting NFL players to be his golf partners. Recently, Trump played a round with NFL legend and sure fire Hall of Famer, Peyton Manning. Now, Trump adds Cousins to that list, and it seems highly likely that more NFL players, and probably a certain Patriots quarterback, will earn an invite from him in the future.

Cousins seemed to be excited by his little jaunt with the President. According to Mike Jones and David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post, Cousins said the following of the meeting with the president.

“Great experience,” Cousins said after a Redskins practice in Ashburn on Wednesday. “I didn’t ever think that would happen. Had a good enough time that if there’s any former presidents in the D.C. area that want to give me a call, I’d love to meet them at one of the courses around here. I know lots of them are members at these courses and I’m not, so I’d love to get on and get to met them. Republican, Democrat, left, right, I’d love an invite.”

It will be interesting to see if any former presidents take Cousins up on his offer.

Perhaps this event will make Cousins want to stay in the nation’s capital a little bit more. After all, he was already getting the VIP treatment from the city, and now he is getting it from the president too. If the city and its people keep treating Cousins well, then maybe he will want to stay in D.C. when it is time for him to sign a new deal, by either July 15 or March of 2018.