5 NFL Teams Desperate Enough to Trade for Robert Griffin III

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Throughout the early parts of the 2016 offseason, the assumption has been that the Washington Redskins would release quarterback Robert Griffin III at some point before free agency kicked off on March 9. However, it’s starting to look like there’s another option for GM Scot McCloughan that many thought wasn’t available.

The Redskins could opt to trade Griffin, which would be a tricky-but-possible scenario.

The interest is there, which means the Redskins will test every avenue available to find a trade partner. However, seeing as Griffin would have to agree to a new deal to facilitate the trade, the cards are in his hands. Either way, he’ll be off of the Redskins’ roster before March 9 so the team can avoid his $16.2 million salary for 2016 becoming guaranteed.

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With options available, Griffin should at least consider the possibilities even though he’d be doing the Redskins a favor. If a team (and offer) came along that he simply couldn’t refuse, it could be an opportunity to recoup some of the king’s ransom Washington invested to bring him aboard in the first place.

With that in mind, here is my look at a few teams that are desperate enough to make a trade for Robert Griffin III.

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