Redskins Week 7 Review – Player ratings Vs Bucs

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Redskins Week 7 Review – Player ratings Vs Bucs

This author will rate on a sliding scale from 10 to 0. For a player to get a 10, they must have a “Doug Williams in the Super Bowl” type performance. An AP All-Pro will average an 8 throughout the season. A Pro bowler(who should be on the team) will average a 6.5. A functional starter will average a 4.5. A 0, well it should be apparent.

Offensive Ratings

X WR: Ryan Grant 5.9. Grant had a number of key catches in big moments…in the second half along with most of the offense.

Y WR: Pierre Garcon 6. 5/55 is a good number for Garcon and he made a big contribution to the win. But moving forward, does anyone(except Garcon) think he’s earning his check?

LT: Trent Williams 4.99. A solid game returning from injury, but he didn’t do much positive in the run and he wasn’t facing a quality end throughout the game.

LG: Spencer Long 3.7 Awful against the run and struggled badly against both of the Bucs’ DTs.

C: Josh LeRibeus 3.8. Almost as bad as Long was, but he was facing McCoy more often than Long did.

RG: Brandon Scherff 4.77. Not horrible like he was last week against the Jets, but he has plateaued after a solid start to the season.

RT: Morgan Moses 4.2. His worst game of the season. No push in the run game and struggled with the Bucs’ ends all game long. He got bailed out by a bad Bucs penalty multiple times.

TE: Jordan Reed 7. The star of the game. Reed’s return gave a pop to the offense….after then went down double digits. Cousins and him clearly have some connection and if he’s not playing well, Cousins isn’t playing well.

QB: Kirk Cousins 6.2. He had a great second half, but his task was made much easier by the Bucs’ mistakes-especially on defense.

That said, he did everything that they asked of him: namely not turn the ball over….in the second half. And this was missed/ignored by the media because of the ultimate result, but after Kirk’s strip sack which was run in for a touchdown, Colt McCoy was warming up.

If you don’t want to believe me, well here’s some proof..

That said, Kirk had a nice game and hopefully it’s something to build on moving forward. But his post game yelling at the media(if you missed it) makes this author think that he’s going to get overconfident again and melt down.

Kirk spent last week trying to claim that he didn’t notice or read any comments calling for him to be benched. This video goes a long way towards proving that he was lying.

Why does this matter? Kirk’s problem, even according to Gruden, is that he gets too amped up and then mentally crashes after mistakes like INTs. The key for any success from Cousins will be staying even mentally.

RB: Alfred Morris 2. What is Gruden’s argument for playing him? He had a sub 1 yards per carry average and was barely seen after the Redskins went down 24 points.

K: Dustin Hopkins 6.8. Big kicks in clutch situations and a great onside kick. You can’t ask for anything more from your kicker.

Prominent backups:

Matt Jones 5.2. He had a nice reception for 12 yards. Outside of that, nothing to get excited about. The Redskins badly need him to give them some production as a runner especially Morris is going to give them next to nothing week in and week out. 

Jamison Crowder 6. 5 catches for 48 yards should be nothing to get excited about, but Crowder maximized his contribution showing up at big times and when they needed those tough yards.

Derek Carrier 5.2. A solid game if unspectacular. Carrier isn’t going to embarrass anyone out there and gets forgotten by opposing defenses.

You’re not going to get a great player however. You’re getting a career backup, nothing more and nothing less.

Andre Roberts 6.2. One big catch for 38 yards and drew a big red zone penalty in the 2nd half. You have to be pleased by the future cap cut.

KR: Rashad Ross: 5. 24 yards per return. A big pile of meh.

P: Tress Way. 6.66. A nice consistent 47.8 average with a long of 52. If there’s nothing else discovered this season, the Redskins have a good punter and kicker.

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