Redskins Week 7 Review – Player ratings Vs Bucs

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Oct 25, 2015; Landover, MD, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin (22) is tackled by Washington Redskins defensive end Chris Baker (92) and Washington Redskins inside linebacker Will Compton (51) during the second half at FedEx Field. The Washington Redskins won 31 – 30. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Defensive Ratings

5 DE: Chris Baker 4. A tackle for a loss, but he was a rag doll-again-as a run defender. He also was missing far too often as a pass rusher. Donovan Smith shouldn’t be throwing him around as he did. 

0 NT: Terrance Knighton 3.2. The Bucs had no fear of Pot Roast at all. They would double him with one of the guards and the center and push him out of the way.

Knighton spent a decent chunk of the weekend literally answering any question tweeted to him. Including this, this, this and this.

Maybe he should be spending more time working on his game instead of becoming a twitter star?

5 DE: Jason Hatcher 4.1. He redeemed himself slightly when he had some nice hurries of Winston later in the game. He was 50 shades of horrible during the first half and third quarter when he was literally giving the defense nothing.

Ali Marpet, a raw rookie player from a small school, handled him pretty well for most of the game. This is not a great sign for the defense moving forward.

OLB: Ryan Kerrigan 4.4 Did you notice any drop in play of the defense after Kerrigan went out? The stats don’t show it: the Redskins defense only let up 6 points after he went out. and they got more of a consistent pass rush on him. 

ILB: Perry Riley 3.5. Another player who got hurt and the defense improved. Compton can’t be a downgrade from him, could he?

ILB: Keenan Robinson 4.2. Robinson isn’t as good as the fans and DC media think he is. At some point, it has to matter than teams are averaging 200 yards rushing a game against the Redskins. At some point, Robinson is out of excuses.

OLB: Trent Murphy 4.2. When Kerrigan went down, it became very tough to justify benching Murphy. Fine. but Barry is now dropping him deep into coverage half of the time to cover for Goldson’s freelancing.

Murphy is a great hard-working guy who the teammates love and won’t make big mistakes on the field. He also won’t be a guy who consistently does much positive on the field as well. At least in this defense. 

Dropping him into coverage as much as he was on sunday is basically a giveup by Barry. He doesn’t know what to do with Murphy. He can’t rush the passer and he’s not contributing against the run.

CB: Will Blackmon 3.8. He wasn’t burnt as badly as Breeland was, but he certainly wasn’t good. He gave up a TD pass to a no-name and a couple long passes when he just was out of position on plays.

He’s still a good nickel guy but you can’t ask him to hold back the passing game forever. Sooner or later, he’ll screw up.

CB: Bashaud Breeland 2.5. A total regression game to some extent. Breeland was locked onto Mike Evans and Evans ate his lunch all game long.

It’s become clear that Breeland is what he is on the field: a hard-working guy that will ballhawk at times, but you can’t put him in coverage against a quality WR and expect good results. Even when he ballhawks, you’ll have to sit through a number of catches that he’ll give up to get there. 

He’s going to have to be a vulture of a player: go against hurt WRs or inferior players or you’re asking for trouble.

FS: Dashon Goldson 3.5. He played better in the 4th quarter, but just too many blown assignments from Goldson and too many whiffs on tackles(even though he led the team in tackles).

Barry is happy to play him probably because the alternative is worse.

SS: Trenton Robinson 3.3. Somehow, Robinson was even worse. He whiffed numerous times on Doug Martin’s runs and did less else positive.

Prominent backups:

Ricky Jean-Francois 5.4. Nothing special, but a step up from Hatcher and Baker at DE.

Stephen Paea 5.5. He got half a sack and a QB hit in limited play. He might be dealing with a back issue, but he’s better in small doses.

Preston Smith 4.5. He’ll be replacing Kerrigan at least just to keep Kerrigan from further injuries his hand even more. Smith struggled against the run, as did most of the Redskins defense, but did have a nice hit on Winston which disrupted a play.

Kyshoen Jarrett 5. Invisible even though he played more with Goldson in and out of the game.

Will Compton 5.5. Nothing special but he did play a significant amount of snaps with Robinson and Riley in and out of the game with injuries. Compton is, to use a draft scouting term, a JAG: Just A Guy. But in being “just a guy” he might be an improvement over Riley.

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