Redskins Week 5 Review – Player ratings Vs Falcons

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Redskins Week 5 Review – Player ratings Vs Falcons

This author will rate on a sliding scale from 10 to 0. For a player to get a 10, they have to have a “Doug Williams in the Super Bowl” type performance. An AP All-Pro will average an 8 throughout the season. A Pro bowler(who should be on the team) will average a 6.5. A functional starter will average a 4.5. A 0, well it should be apparent.

Offensive Ratings

X WR: Ryan Grant 4.5. The game ending INT just wasn’t on Grant, but it’d be surprising if Gruden didn’t throw him under the bus for “falling down”(Which he didn’t).

Y WR: Pierre Garcon 3.8. A couple nice catches but he literally handed an INT to Atlanta and disappeared way too much.

LT: Trent Williams 4.7. He got called for a hold, got away with a couple others but struggled to run block Beasley. His pass blocking was fine, but there wasn’t that much to like from his performance.

LG: Spencer Long 4.3. Just unimpressive. He doesn’t get much of a run push and only seems to do well when he can get into the open field and block Lbs and DBs.

C: Kory Lichtensteiger 4.3. His game was best summed up by a play in the first half when he broke out to block on a swing pass, tried to block a defender and fell down without touching him. Center has to be a priority for the skins in the off season.

RG: Brandon Scherff 5.2. His pass blocking was textbook, his run blocking wasn’t that good but the entire line struggled with that.

RT: Morgan Moses 5.4. Arguably the best OLman for the Skins against Atlanta. His run blocking was far more consistent than the rest of the line and he didn’t have a lot of leaks in pass blocks.

His grade is basically average because he didn’t get a lot of power generated in the run block.

TE: Derek Carrier 4.99. He didn’t embarrass himself, but he didn’t do a lot positive. They badly miss Reed at TE.

QB: Kirk Cousins 3. He had some nice stretches of play, especially in the drill for the game tying field goal. And the first INT clearly wasn’t his fault.

However, he’s still spraying the ball wildly. This drove the coaches last season nuts when RG3 couldn’t properly locate the ball for the WRs to make a play on it and it should be doing the same now with Cousins.

And let’s discuss the game losing INT. Gruden threw Grant under the bus saying that he slipped. It shouldn’t have mattered. Cousins got a free rusher in his face and panicked.

So, since he panicked, he threw up a wounded duck. Even if Grant ran the “right route” and “didn’t slip” Alford still picks the ball off. Cousins sailed it and the INT is completely his fault.

Grant “slipped”(although from behind the play, he clearly didn’t slip) because the ball was headed where it wasn’t supposed to go. This is all on Kirk.

RB: Alfred Morris 2. 1.9 yards per rush speaks for itself. He was ineffective all game long. Part of that is that the offensive line was ineffective. Part of that was the game planning.

But most of it was that Morris just doesn’t have “it” anymore. The Skins don’t have an offensive line that’s designed for the zone block scheme and Morris doesn’t fit in a power rushing attack.

K: Dustin Hopkins 6.5. Hitting a 50+ yard field goal with the game on the line as time expired gets you a big grade.

Prominent backups:

Matt Jones 5. A nice TD run and a nice catch. Other than that, he didn’t contribute much.

Chris Thompson 5.3. He’s becoming a weapon as a pass catcher. He doesn’t have much to contribute as a rusher however.

Jamison Crowder 6.7. He was the star of the game and for long stretches he was their offense. But you can’t ask him to take a WR screen in from the 6 on 3rd down yet.

It’s going to be hard to take him off the field. Even for Desean Jackson.

KR: Rashad Ross N/A. didn’t contribute enough to merit a grade.

P: Tress Way 7. A 50.7 average speaks for itself.

PR: Jamison Crowder  N/A didn’t contribute enough to merit a grade.

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