Robert Griffin III: Five Reasons Redskins are Moving on

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Jul 30, 2015; Richmond, VA, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III speaks to media after the morning walkthrough on day one of training camp at the Washington Redskins Bon Secours Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

3. He still has problems dealing with the Media

A teams’ starting quarterback is typically the face of the franchise.  He’s an extension of the owner, the front office and the head coach.  This is just a reality of the position and so the quarterback has to be able to communicate the message of the team effectively because he speaks to the media more than any other player on the team.

If the quarterback isn’t good at this, then it creates a problem.  If you can’t trust what your quarterback is going to say, then how can he be the face of your franchise?

Griffin’s “best quarterback in the league” comment may have been taken out of context but at this point in his career he should know it’s not something he should be saying. The media frenzy that comment created caused the Redskins organization more headaches than RGIII is worth.

Maybe if he actually was the best quarterback in the league then it’s something the team would choose to deal with.  But since he isn’t the best, then the negative publicity that comes with such comments makes Griffin a liability.

And situations like this have become a common occurrence for the Washington Redskins where RGIII is concerned.  He still hasn’t learned that the less you say to the media the better it is for you.

The media says they want candidness and honesty from players and coaches but once they get it, sometimes they use that candidness against them.  Anything Robert Griffin III says, can and will be used as a headline.

All he had to do is stick to the talking points and not give the media anything that could be construed as controversial.  The real best quarterbacks in the league know how to do this but RGIII is still learning this lesson.

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