RGIII wants to be Great, but let’s start with good first


Aug 7, 2014; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) throws the ball against the New England Patriots at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

During the 2012 season Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III had taken the NFL by storm.  He was on his way to winning Rookie of the Year and leading the Redskins to their first division title in 12 years.  Just two years ago it seemed like he could do no wrong.  But now it seems as though he can’t do anything right.

Redskins fans adored him as RGIII was everything we thought he would be and more.  But now there are fans and NFL pundits who want to see him replaced as Redskins starting quarterback by Kirk Cousins.  How soon they forget.  If it hadn’t been for Griffin there would have been no NFC East title.  If it hadn’t been for RGIII there would have been no winning season.

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Some Redskins fans have lost their faith in the quarterback who had accomplished so much so soon, and it seemed as though it was only the beginning of long relationship.  But now the Honeymoon is over and things have gotten real.  Now it’s time to find out if 2012 was for real or just a magical point in time never to be repeated.

The truth is the Robert Griffin III of 2012 no longer exists.  One torn ACL and NFL defense catching up to him have changed things.  Oh Griffin still has his speed but every defensive player in the league now knows that they have to play at a faster gear when they play against this man or risk being humiliated.  Against RGIII not only do you have to move faster, but you have to think faster too.

So now RGIII is forced to re-invent himself.  He can no longer succeed as the read-option dual threat phenom.  He now has to find a way to master a style of play that he’s not used to and become a pocket passer.  This process probably should have been started in his rookie season.  Had it begun then, RGIII would be much farther along in this process right now.

However, Mike Shanahan chose to sacrifice the future in order to win now.  But had Shanahan shown patience and took the long road instead of the short path he might still be the head coach of the Washington Redskins.  Which is why that mistake can’t be repeated.  Head coach Jay Gruden has preached patience in this process and now the fans need to show a little as well.

Now isn’t the time to lose faith.  Now is the time to have more faith than ever.  Redskins Nation is under attack from all sides.  They want to force us to change our name, and not many seem to believe that this team can become a winner this year.  So instead of giving up on Robert Griffin III why not stand by him?  Or how about stand alongside him.

I think Griffin knows he needs to make it happen as soon as he possibly can.  And he has plenty of confidence in his abilities.  Just ask him.  I’ve said before that Griffin needs to back up his talk with action and now he’s facing a point in his career when he has to rise to the occasion.  He’s a Heisman winner and a rookie of the year, but right now the Redskins don’t need Robert Griffin III to be a legend.  They just need him to be a leader.

Some don’t believe he can do it.  But I for one believes he can.