Redskins Nation, It is OK!


Ever since the Redskins drafted Robert Griffin III along with making some key free agent acquisitions, I’ve been very careful about how I commented and viewed the future success of the franchise. I also have kept a close eye on how fans across the world reacted regarding our new expectations. There has been alot of questioned comments from Redskins fans and alot of “extra” attention from fans of other teaams across the league. I say “extra” because I’ve witnessed alot of fans go out of their way to try to slander the hope and excitement built up by Redskins fans. It’s not just the normal “football is back” trash talk because the Redskins new additions make them relevant to the talks of projected success. Teams are forced to look at Washington with respect and prepare for them as a legitimate threat. The most heard comment I’ve seen is,”He hasn’t even taken a snap yet! He needs years to develop.” Basically, what people are saying is it is not ok for Redskins fans to get excited and have heightened expectations for Griffin before he ever takes a snap but it’s ok for non Redskins fans to have lowered expectations for Griffin before he ever takes a snap?

I am here to let every single Washington Redskins fan know that, YES, it is ok!

It is ok for you to believe that Robert Griffin III will be the best quarterback of all time! It is ok for you to believe that He will play at MVP level from the first week of Pre-Season! It is ok for you to believe that Hightower, Helu, Jr., and Royster will be the best three headed running back tandem the league has ever seen! It is ok for you to believe Santana Moss when he tells you that he is in the best shape of his career! It is ok for you to have Super Bowl aspirations for the team of which you bleed their uniform colors! It is ok to believe that the Redskins have finally put together the correct pieces to form a legit championship contending team! It is ok for you to turn on tonight’s Pre-Season match up vs the Buffalo Bills and cheer as loud as you did when we beat them in Super Bowl XXVI!!!!! IT IS OK!!

Redskins Nation, stand proudly wearing your Burgundy & Gold as you have every right to believe that this year and every year is OUR YEAR! Our team needs us to believe that they can get the job done. They need us to show up to FedEx Field every game and have it sound like the stadium is going to collapse from all the RFK like stomping and screaming! The more we believe, the more they believe. Our rookie quarterback said it best,”No Pressure, No Diamonds” We have a team that is confident enough to embrace the pressure that comes with expecting to win, so it is our duty as die hard fans to embrace that same pressure! As we stand together and prepare ourselves to begin this 17 week journey to the playoffs, let us reach out to every possible member of Redskins Nation and share with them this message to let them know that it is in fact ok to believe and trust in the hope that has been instilled into our organization.

Facebook like it! Google+ share it! Tweet it! Email it! Screen shot it and put it on Instagram! Print it and post it on your office bulletin board! The time is now that we as fans step out of our shells and come together to show our team that we have their backs! Tonight at 7pm. in Orchard Park, NY, the 2012 Washington Redskins begin their long journey to become “Super”…will you be on board?

For those who aren’t lucky enough to be in front of a TV, it was posted on Facebook that the game will be streamed live through The Washington Redskins official mobile app . Download and enjoy!

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