Redskins QB situation has nowhere to go but up!


Recently on ESPN, Ron Jaworski orchestrated a list of his NFL’s top 30 quarterbacks. In case you didn’t know, there are only 32 teams in the NFL which means that if he only names starters on his list, there will be two teams left without a representative. How many of you had your fingers crossed that Jaws called Rex Grossman with the 30th pick? I will be the first to admit that after he named Tim Tebow #30, that the Redskins chances were slim to none to have a quarterback listed. As the picks continued to pour in, the dreams and aspirations for Sexy Rexy began to slip away and 28 picks later with Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers yet to be named, I can pretty much guarantee that there will be no Redskins on this list. With Tim Tebow now a member of the New York Jets, there were two quarterbacks (Tebow, Sanchez) listed from that team leaving three teams at the bottom of the barrel. (Washington, Cleveland, Indianapolis)

The complete list

30. Tim Tebow, Jets

29. Blaine Gabbert, Jags

28. Christian Ponder, Vikings

27. Matt Flynn, Seahawks

26. Matt Moore, Dolphins

25. Kevin Kolb, Cardinals

24. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bills

23. Mark Sanchez, Jets

22. Matt Cassel, Chiefs

21. Carson Palmer, Raiders

20. Sam Bradford, Rams

19. Andy Dalton, Bengals

18. Matt Hasselbeck, Titans

17. Josh Freeman, Buccaneers

16. Alex Smith, 49ers

15. Cam Newton, Panthers

14. Matthew Stafford, Lions

13. Matt Schaub, Texans

12. Michael Vick, Eagles

11. Matt Ryan, Falcons

10. Tony Romo, Cowboys

9. Joe Flacco, Ravens

8. Jay Cutler, Bears

7. Philip Rivers, Chargers

6. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers

5. Eli Manning, Giants

4. Peyton Manning, Broncos

3. Tom Brady, Patriots

2. Drew Brees, Saints

1. Aaron Rodgers

The lack of success of these three franchises proves that in order to be relevant to the rest of the league, you better have a guy under center that knows what he’s doing. Though the combination of Grossman and Beck accumulated more wins than the Colts and the same amount of wins as Cleveland, I believe that the Redskins had the most meaningful off season acquisition at the quarterback position. I say that because Indianapolis had numerous glory years of success behind arguably the best quarterback to ever play the game in Peyton Manning and is only one year removed from his tenure as a Colt. Their struggle is just beginning and can still talk trash about the Peyton era. Cleveland still had a young promising nucleus in Quinn and McCoy before drafting Weeden in this year’s draft. Washington, however, has had year after year of struggling inconsistent quarterback play for decades. Redskins Nation skipped a heartbeat once the news broke that St. Louis traded the #2 pick in the draft to Washington this off season. I was one of the fans who didn’t care who or what was traded as long as it meant that Robert Griffin III was coming to town!

Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins gives the Redskins their best first/second string combination prospects that have suited up in Washington in a long time. With a promising system and some key players in important skill positions, Washington looks like they could finally be respected as a contender to pursue another Super Bowl in the near future. This is a necessary area of improvement being as though the NFC East has the #12, #10 and #5 quarterback on the list, which happens to be the head of the defending Super Bowl champions. Facing a top quarterback for all six division games requires you to have a solid defense and a quarterback that can compete. Is Griffin the answer? If Griffin lives up to expectations, this list should consist of his name ranking high amongst the NFL’s elite. Anticipation gets higher with each passing day and August can’t seem to get here any faster. With the current doormat status, the Redskins’ Griffin has nowhere to go up. The question now is, “how high do you think Robert Griffin III will get on the NFL’s top quarterback list?” My answer is top 10 by the end of his 4th year in the league. Comment below or tweet your answer to…

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