Redskins Top 10: Collusion Suit


So if this collusion suit thing goes through, and the Skins get back the $35 million that they are owed by the NFL, here’s my list of the top 10 things to happen should they get it back:

10. Get Darrel Young a backup.

Not that he doesn’t play great, because he does. But with these injuries, you just never ever know.

9. Find a couple big men to block for kicks on special teams.
When Trent Williams went down, we saw just how big a hole he left not only on the offensive line, but on special teams. People blamed Graham Gano for the blocks… hits on the kicker… Gano can’t be the blame for all of that. They have to protect him just like the quarterback. They have to make a clean path for him to get the football to through the goal post 50 yards down field. They have to get better on the line for special teams if they intend to win.

8. Find a full time understudy for London Fletcher so the One Man Gang can return to his own devices.

There is no telling when Mr. Fletcher will call it quits. One thing is for certain, it will definitely be on his own watch. In the event he’s ready to hang up his cleats for the very last time, someone has to be in place who has had the opportunity to shadow Fletch for some time and can fill his shoes (at least on the field anyway).

7. Bring in a strong safety at least 6’3″ who has no history of hamstring or Achillies injuries.

It’s not even necessary to explain the void a healthy LaRon Landry has left on this team (even when he was here). The tenacious force in the middle of the field that was fast enough to be anywhere and hit harder than anyone on the roster… those are big shoes to fill. But someone needs to fill those shoes for 16 games… not a handful. These smaller guys who aren’t as fast and don’t hit as hard aren’t as effective on these mammoth tight ends and wideouts.

6. Refer to #3.

5. Give London Fletcher a REAL contract.

Ok, so we already have the quarterback that lured him back into uniform, but not paying the man for all he’s done for this organization is just not fair. It’s not everyday you come across a timeless talent like this. Still, to lead the league in tackles time after time while pushing 40… gotta give the man the respect (and contract) he has earned. He will probably only play for another year (maybe two), but you can guarantee he’ll give 110% every single snap.

4. Get a legitimate backup for Trent Williams.

We all saw what happened when he went down for nearly half the season. This team was second in the league in most sacks/hits on the QB behind St. Louis. You think Shanford and Son will allow their prized quarterback to become the next victim in burgundy and gold to be trampled from the blind side by a defensive end charging at the pocket like its lunch? If Trent goes down with injury (or God forbid rolls another “j”), Griffin will likely be screwed.

3. Find another right tackle worth starting for 16 games.

They can’t realistically be satisfied with Jammal Brown. And until we know what these rookie offensive linemen can do, Brown and other second string guys are all we have. There is no legitimate starting right tackle on this team. Remember what happened when DeMarcus Ware switched up in the fourth quarter of the first game last year vs. the Skins and Brown got eaten alive for 15 minutes? Uh huh. Yeah. Let’s improve here, coach.

2. Go buy a shut-down corner.

And when I say buy one, I mean it. There isn’t one readily available, so it will take some duckets to get one. DeAngelo Hall is a great player, but he thrives off of someone taking other guys out of the game for 60 minutes. He has plenty to thank Carlos Rogers for in the year he made his most recent pro-bowl appearance. There simply isn’t a shut down corner on this team.

1. Refer to #3.

Really can’t stress that point enough. There’s too much of an investment taking snaps to allow him to be clobbered by guys because there’s no one blocking. If this money comes back to the budget, there is no reason whatsoever why they can’t find the means to protect No. 10.

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