Redskins Top 10 For March 13


Top 10 Things Most Likely To Happen At Redskins Park On March 13, 2012

10. Some adjustments will be made to the receiver corps.
With the news coming out that the team will be looking for a “high profile” wide receiver (especially with their being a bunch of great guys in free agency that will be available), I think a guy or two gets signed that day.

9. We will find out what plans the Skins have for Dirty 30.
Two years of the Achillies problem + refusal to get surgery = A shaky situation for Gucci’s caretaker. I personally think the change in his size has played a part in the injuries he’s had. Your body has to make a lot of adjustments when you gain any kind of weight. And to try to do the same things you used to do when you were a different size, certain things will compensate and injuries can occur. Personally, if they hold on to him, I think they should move him to linebacker. Just sayin.

8. Despite 50% of the DMV wanting to give him a one way bus ticket out of town, Brandon Banks will still have a roster spot.
Yeah he made a few mistakes this year with handling the ball, but getting into the end zone is not 100% his responsibility. I’m sure Shanahan/Smith know that. I’m sure they also know that there are probably a small handful of returners in the league that carry that type of capability to be explosive as he can be, despite his size. If Danny Smith is back apart his coaching blunders, Banks will be back.

7. Rocky McIntosh will likely walk.
The season before last, he had a career high in tackles, last season he had a little more than half that. Plus some of the things that happened surrounding the final game of the season with him being disciplined by Pop Shanford I’m sure will leave an impression on the front office. I don’t think he’s around this fall.

6. The Brandyn Thompson Roster Shuffle will likely kick back up again.
Let’s face it: they just don’t know what they want to do with this guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started out on the 80 man roster then ended up on the P-Squad again come the first game of the season. I got a feeling though, they keep toying with him, someone will pick him up.

5. London Fletcher will get his contract extension.
This may wait longer than March 13, but it will probably happen by then. No reason to let this guy go. He’s still playing at a high level despite his age and he’s winner in the locker room. This is someone you make that stretch to keep in uniform.

4. John Beck will still be hanging around… At least until April 28.
I don’t think he’ll be gone yet until they figure out this whole draft thing. Will they go with two QBs again? Who knows. But Beck will be gone before the season starts.

3. Hefty Rexy still won’t have a contract. This may wait till after the draft.
They will wait till the last minute again to come to terms with Grossman. I think he’s earned his roster spot, and I believe Shanford and Son feel the same way. But I don’t think they will bend over backwards to get him his duckets before London Fletcher and Fred Davis.

2. A couple players and some picks (and maybe even some cash) may be missing for the Rams’ 1st round pick in the draft next month.
Mike Shanahan will get on the phone with his buddy early in the morning that day and the deal will be done before 10 AM. I can feel it.

1. The bubble still won’t have an occupancy permit.
I swear it’s taking forever to finish this thing up. Danny won’t be happy with this at all. LOL

Whatever happens on March 13, we will all be attentively waiting to see what goes down. RG3 or Bust!!

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