Keys to success for the Redskins


It’s time for a real change in Washington. I’m not speaking of personnel changes either, I’m talking about game plan changes. After Beck and Helu connecting for the most check downs in Redskins history, I’m sure they both would even agree that the Redskins need to stop becoming so predictable. If you were a fan who had not seen the game and you hear that one of your players had 14 receptions, you would think that player had a dominant performance and that your team found a weakness and exploited it. That was not the case for any fan that viewed the game last week. In fact it wasn’t until when the record being broken was announced, that I realized he had that many catches. I may be one of few that still believe the Redskins have enough gas in the tank for a strong playoff push and it all starts Sunday in Miami. Below are some of my suggestions to the Redskins coaching staff on how to switch it up a bit on offense. Don’t worry coaches, I won’t charge you for using my strategies if they work.


Can you imagine how different those 14 receptions would have been if it were Brandon Banks or Anthony Armstrong who caught them. Designed Wide Receiver screens can prove to be very productive plays with effective blocking. Getting Banks into the open field to make people miss has been his meal ticket in Washington. Banks hasn’t been dominant in the special teams aspect of the game, so why not give him more opportunities to get the ball in his hands? Armstong, last year, made some big plays down the field for Washington consistently. I’m not sure how much of that had to do with the consistency of having Moss being the primary possession reciever, but he played a big role. When you have decided that you are not even going to attempt to stretch the field, defenses will not game plan for it making your conservative approach ineffective. I don’t see how he can go from that role to being virtually missing in action this year.


What I mean here is, if it is 1st and 10, then design a play to get 10 yards! I’d really like to see Washington look like they are actually trying to win the game instead of playing not to lose. I know I am not alone when I say that it appears sometimes that Washington is intentionally setting up to punt or kick a field goal to avoid possibly making a mistake and turning the ball over. Phillip Rivers of San Diego leads the NFL in interceptions but his offensive attack is still respected because he has no fear and defenses must account for every receiver on the field when he has the ball in his hands. Hey coaches, it’s ok to score from anywhere on the field! We won’t be mad if you go for a touchdown on the first play of the drive.


I know you all are looking at your computer screen or your Phone screen using your Fansided application, thinking I am crazy but hear me out. The check down is supposed to be an outlet for when a play fails and Beck has used all his check downs allowed for the season last game. This tells me he is scared to make a play, so either take away his check down man and leave them in blocking coverage or take Beck out the game. In this case, I would like to see the Running Back stay in max protection and give Beck a few more seconds to find an open receiver. This will also force defenses to send more rushers to get pressure on the quarterback, opening up the field for our receivers. Hopefully now the Redskins see things my way and utilize these different strategies to end our losing streak.

Redskins vs Dolphins prediction: 17-10 Washington.