Redskins vs. Giants week 1 recap


This amazing picture is the homepage shot for Amazing effect.

The date is September 11, 2011 and today marks the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorists attacks in New York City and Washington, DC. What better way to start off the year than with an intense division rivalry with the two affected cities represented teams. Coming off a rather impressive pre-season, I had high hopes for the Redskins. I’ve been watching the game for quite some time now and when a team looks as improved from one year to the next the way the Skins did…it’s no fluke. I’m not in a position to hand them a Super Bowl but I stand firm when I say the Redskins have made signifigant strides in the right direction.

Washington came out a little bit shaky at first, which I can understand knowing how much this game means to themselves and all of Redskins Nation, however after the initial first down everything started running a bit smoother. With the exception of a few blown coverages and having a hard time tackling the Giants dynamic 1-2 punch of Bradshaw and Jacobs, I’d say the Redskins played a very solid first half. Sexy Rexy played a decent first half and made some very impressive reads to extend a few drives that would usually end in punts/field goals. The touchdown to Anthony Armstrong right before the half was as clutch of a throw you will see from any quarterback in the league. Shuting the Giants out in the 2nd half was not only surprising but extremely relieving!! The moral and overall confidence of the Redskins defense has to have improved at least +5 points on Madden! (I WILL be checking for it on the next Madden online update for Xbox 360…by the way this has nothing to do with anything, but if you want to lose to me in Madden 12 add my Gamertag: OhSoSmuv. Know that I will be doing weekly posts about all my victims :-))

Today was a coming out party for some key rookies:

– Chris Neild had two clutch sacks.

-Roy Helu got his 1st NFL carry out the way!! It was only two yards but hey Im sure it felt like 20 to him!!

– Ryan Kerrigan avoided a chop block to get a deflection and interception to give the Redskins the lead for good! ***I want to take this moment to point out some KEY team unity things I’ve noticed this season. 1.) All of the recievers have been spotted doing Santana Moss’ “1st down ball spin” 2.) Banks and Armstrong have done the exact same endzone dance after scoring (The Tootsie Roll) 3.) After Kerrigan’s touchdown today he dropped the ball in celebration. DeAngelo Hall went back and picked it up so that Kerrigan can have this keepsake. Very selfless move and signs of a true leader. There is something very special going on in Washington and I think NOW everyone is beginning to see it.

The defense made some clutch 4th quarter stops to keep New York out of reach and bended but did not break! The offense did just enough to maintain field position and keep the time of possession in our favor. I give the Redskins a B+ for tonight’s performance. the world was watching and they stepped up and did what they were supposed to .


Giants were 1 for 10 on 3rd downs. That is what you call focus and determination. Without those 9 stops, who knows what type of ball game this would have turned into.


Fred Davis…and no not just because his name is Fred. I actually expect Rex to throw for 300+ a game. Look at each of Fred Davis’ 5 catches totalling 105 yards and see how key they were to the success of the Redskins offense in that game. They best part about it is the Cooley was playing. So as the #2 TE for most of the game, Fred Davis stepped up for his team and extended some key drives. Congrats on a well deserved win Washington Redskins.