Vote Redskins to the Pro Bowl


Yes it’s been a tough year, and yes we have struggled at different positions all over the field, but the Pro Bowl is coming up and it’s time to start supporting Skins players that deserve to represent the NFC.  The Pro Bowl is a big honor for players and the Redskins have a couple who come to mind that might deserve a spot.  It’s a shame Laron Landry is injured because he absolutely would deserve to be there based on his play when healthy this season.  His one big mistake was there for everyone to see when he was burned by Desean Jackson on the first offensive play on Monday Night Football, but he is a tackling machine, had a clutch interception against the Packers to put us in position to win the game, and was garnering defensive player of the year attention before going down.  He may not make it because of the injury but it’s exciting to know we may have a perennial pro-bowler at safety for years to come if he can stay healthy.

Now for the healthy players who deserve to be there, after the jump…

1) Lorenzo Alexander – Alexander has really made a name for himself this season and has gone from offensive line, to tight end, to defensive line, before finally breaking through to become the starting OLB this season for the Skins.  He may not make it as a linebacker but where he really deserves the nod is on Special Teams.   His coverage on returns is great, constantly delivering big (clean) hits that make us all cheer.  He has worked so hard to get to be a starting defender and to become the best special teams player  in the NFC.  He certainly deserves votes and deserves a spot in the Pro Bowl this winter.

2) Brandon Banks – As Redskins fans we all know how awesome Banks has been.  He is the most exciting player we have had on our team in years.  He is 5th in the league in yards per kick off return with 27, and also averages 11.3 yards per punt return.  He has one touchdown (and should have at least two…Perry Riley…), set the Skins record for total return yards with 271 against the lions, blocked a field goal against the Colts, and is one of the most dangerous return men in the NFL.  We’ve all seen it as Skins fans but the NFL might not really know about Banks yet.  He is a great story, standing only 5 foot 7, and deserves consideration to represent the NFC as a returner in Miami.

3) Brian Orakpo – Osackpo made the Pro-Bowl his rookie year with 11 sacks and should surpass that number this year.  With 5 more games to go he has 8.5 sacks and has been playing better of late after a little bit of a mid-season slump.  You could argue that at his position he has struggled to cover the pass, but he is a force in the pass rush and if it weren’t for offensive linemen constantly holding him he may be leading the league in Sacks.

4) Trent Williams – It may not be his year yet but he definitely deserves some respect and is well on his way to being a pro bowler in the near future.  He struggled early with some injuries but has held up extremely well against what might be the toughest slate of pass rushers any rookie LT has ever faced.   I look forward to seeing him in Hawaii in the future if not Miami this year but he has played at an all-pro level when healthy.

Those are the four players that really come to mind for me and at least deserve consideration.  Deangelo hall might deserve a nod, but with the exception of the Bears game we have seen his flaws, and our pass defense has been sub par to say the least.  What do you think, did I leave anyone out?

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