Coaching Interviews Underway


Jay Glazer of Fox Sports was talking yesterday during the playoff pregame show that Dan Snyder has started doing interviews in his house rather than his office.  They’ve got a long list of candidates and rumored candidates.  Let’s sort through some:

Colts Assistants- The Skins will be bringing in Ron Meeks and Jim Caldwell of the Colts according to the Washington Post. Frankly, I understand the need to do a broad search, but why are we bringing these guys in?  Peyton calls his own plays (out of choices sent in to him) and the Colts defense has not been majorly special.  Unless Meeks (the Colt’s defensive coordinator) brings Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeny with him, we don’t need him.

Jim Schwartz- The Titans defensive coordinator also is coming in according to the Post. I like this one a lot more because the Titans defense has been hit hard the last few years by cap problems and suspensions to Pac Man Jones and has still been very good.  Coaches who make something out of nothing are always welcome.  Still, if we’re going to pick a DC with no head coaching experience, I would rather pick Gregg Williams who not only is just as good a DC but is our own guy (and has some head coaching experience). Schwartz served as an assistant under Williams for two years so we would see continuity on the defensive side of the ball.

Jim Mora Jr.- Jay Glazer mentioned Mora as a possible candidate and I hope not.  Mora didn’t do anything in Atlanta to make me think he has what it takes.  Their record got worse in each of the three years he coached.  I’d be shocked if he was even interviewed.

Russ Grimm- There are mixed reports on whether the Skins have met with Russ Grimm or not.  The Washington Times says that we have. Either way, I’m sure we will.  And he’s my personal favorite for the job. I can’t think of anything happier than bringing back a former Hog to replace Joe Gibbs and Grimm has long been considered a future star coach.  Grimm will bring the same kind of nononsense, hard nosed, high character coaching that Gibbs brought to the team.  My only personal reservation is that I really want to find a way to keep Jason Campbell from having to learn a new offensive system.  I only think this is possible if we hire Saunders (or maybe Williams).  But Dan, if you’re listening, bring in Russ.  He’s perfect for the situation.  He’s the only person who can embrance the past instead of being swallowed up in it.

Bill Cowher- I believed Dan when he said at the news conference for coach Gibbs’ retirment that he hadn’t talked to Bill Cowher in 6 years. Since that is true, there’s no reason to think he’s coming though I’d be happy if he did.

Pete Carroll- I’ve not seen any word that we are interested, but Carroll has apparently turned the Falcons down, but at the same time Jay Glazer said he was “building a staff” for a move to the pros.  It is possible that it is to come to DC.  My first response was I didn’t want another college coach, especially one who failed twice in the pros.  On the other hand, Bill Bellichick took three starting gigs to make it, so what do I know?  Let’s put it this way, I’m not hoping we hire him, but if we do, I’m not going to cry.

Al Saunders- It doesn’t sound like we’re even going to interview him now, but I hope we do if only to make it more likely he’d stick around if we hire Williams.  I’d hate to see Jason learned his 6th system since 2001 (counting college). I think we were really starting to make great strides in the system when the season ended.

Gregg Williams- Obviously, he’s still the favorite.  And frankly, I don’t see why.  I think he’s a great coordinator.  But I just don’t see how he has the management skills and media handling skills to be the chief.  In Buffalo, he really blundered the media handling and that’s the minor leagues.  I’d love to hire Grimm and convince Williams to stay.  The Post reported that Williams had several long meetings with Snyder and still appears to be the front runner.  I’m happy to keep it in the family.  Just worried.