Turning a Page…


…without forgetting what was already read. That’s what we’re trying to do today.  The Bills are coming whether we’re ready or not.  And they aren’t going to go easy on us.  They’ll play like Sean did– flat out the whole time.  And it is up to Skins fans, Skins players, and the whole organization to rise to the challenge because that’s the only way to keep his memory.  If Clinton Portis had died, you can bet Sean Taylor would take it out on the first Bill to present himself.

There are a lot of blogs and radio stations talking about wearing black to the stadium on Sunday. And while I respect their intentions, I’m opposed to the idea because of this very notion of turning the page.  If this Sunday becomes a funeral with 90,000 people attending we will lose.  What we need is a wake.  We need a celebration of life.

We need to fly our colors the way Sean always did.  And we need Marcus Washington, Laron Landry, and every other member of the defense to take this as a challenge to live up to the standard set by #21.  If we show up in black, if we show up ready for moments of silence and teary farewells, we can’t possibly expect to then amp up and be the kind of crowd this team is used to.

So, with all due respect to everyone who is grieving and finding their own way through this, let’s treat this Sunday like it was any other Sunday where Sean is hitting like only he can.  Except ten times louder.  Ten times prouder.  Ten times harder for the opposition.

Sean would have accepted nothing less than total bedlam.  Let’s give that to the Bills this weekend.