Just say no to Vince Young!!!

The radio lines and message boards have been abuzz ever since Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams said Young would not be back next year as a Titan. Much of that talk centers around our very own Washington Redskins who in recent history have become known for making an off season splash by bringing in big games that often times end up not resulting in big play.

Cindy Boren of the Washington Post has an online poll up as to whether or not the Redskins should pursue Young


MJD of the yahoo blog Shutdown Corner lists the Redskins as one of the 5 teams that should take a look at Young


and the list of online articles dedicated to the topic goes on and on as does the number of times I’ve heard this topic being discussed on sports radio shows by both the hosts and people calling in.

So I am here to say NO TO VINCE YOUNG!!!!!

I know there will be some that are for the idea of Young coming to Washington and I can already hear the arguments now as I am typing

1. he is only 27 so he still has what should be some productive years left in him
2. he has a strong arm
3. he is a former pro bowler
4. he has more seasons with a winning record as a starter than he has losing records

Yes he is still fairly young for a quarterback and yes he has the physical tools and athletic ability to be a good quarterback and you won’t ever hear me say different.

For me though that is where it starts and ends with Young because he is lacking in what is probably most important for a quarterback and that is the mental ability to run an offense successfully at a high level. Being a quarterback is not just about being able to throw the ball far you actually have to be able to run the offense, make the right reads and checkdowns, know when to audible out of a play, know when to throw the ball away and so on and so on.

Being a successful quarterback is just as much if not more about whats between your ears as it is about your physical gifts. This may sound harsh but I don’t think Young has what it takes mentally to be a consistently good quarterback and on top of that I don’t think he has the emotional toughness to hack it as a quarterback.

Maybe he suffers depression or is bi-polar who knows… But I mean lets be real in 2008 police were called by his family because he stormed out and they were worried about his mental state and it was reported that he had mentioned suicide to his therapist several times prior to him leaving the house. After the 2008 incident his mother just about begged people to not boo her son or talk bad about him which unfortunately for Young comes with being a professional athlete. Heck even this year he had a meltdown following the week 11 game vs the Redskins.

As for his winning seasons a lot of that was due to a very strong running game and defense and his pro bowl appearances were a joke based off of hype alone and people wanting to see him succeed. I mean come on now did he really deserve to be in the Pro Bowl his rookie season? No

He has thrown just as many interceptions as touchdowns on his career
He averages only 150 yards per game passing on his career

Young just is not that good as an NFL quarterback.

Plus Young can not cut it mentally as an NFL quarterback and that might sound harsh but I honestly feel it to be true. Had he been playing for the Redskins this season and it was Young they pulled for Grossman there would have had been a suicide watch for Young.

Bringing in Young would end up going down as just another one of the big moves that did not pan out under Dan Snyder’s reign as the owner of the Washington Redskins.

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  • anonymous

    well, i THOUGHT i’d post this as a topic/story here, but APPARENTLY only staff writers of the site can–SO, this turns out 2 b a comment after all…

    wow, so this all started as a comment 2 the post about ‘just say no 2 vince young’, but then i KINDA got carried away, n decided its better if i just make it a post of its own, n put the link on that other post…so here goes–WHY VINCE YOUNG IS BETTER THAN REX BLEEPING GROSSMAN!!!

    having 2 spend my time in the dregs of the midwest, esp in IL, n having 2 put up w/nonstop bears media coverage n constant angry fans on sportstalk radio, as well as fed up journalists in the city, at least i can offer this tidbit of insight 2 redskin fans DELUDED by a TWO-GAME ILLUSION–REX SUCKS DONKEY BALLS!!! (btw, VERY good snack product from Keoki’s Donkey Bean Chocolate Factory out of Hawaii…don’t believe me? look it up 4 urself)

    ok, sure, he may pass 4 more yards than vince, but d-mac was EIGHTH IN THE LEAGUE in pass ypg, only 1.5 ypg LESS than AARON FREAKING RODGERS–SO YARDS IS NOT THE ANSWER!! FIRST off, it’s WINS, which means managing the game, NOT making mistakes costing ur team points n therefore causing losses, n making big plays IN THE CLUTCH IN THE FOURTH QUARTER–N HOW MANY TIMES DID VINCE DO THAT??!! n suffering in bearstown, i can tell u that “sexy rexy” almost NEVER did this, and his team won IN SPITE OF HIM (aka THOMAS JONES, URLACHER, BRIGGS, MIKE BROWN, n oh yeah, some guy named DEVIN HESTER, aka the ‘windy city flyer’, best return man in league HISTORY!!! (opening kickoff of super bowl ne1?) n lets not 4get pro-bowlers in GOULD (33/36) n MAYNARD (44.7 avg)…YES FOLKS, SPECIAL TEAMS MATTERS–all u gotta do is look at how many close losses we had, SIX, n how bad our ST were, EXCEPT 4 banks, that consistently put BOTH our offense n defense in terrible game situations), had a 23/20 td/int ratio during their super bowl year, n 40/40 overall!! n in case ne1′s wondering, look at his stats for the 1 1/2 years he was a starter–he had a qb rating UNDER 70 ELEVEN TIMES OUT OF TWENTY-THREE GAMES–THAT’S PRACTICALLY HALF!! (n that includes performances of 10.2, 36.8, 23.7, 1.3–YEP!!…NOT a typo!!, 42.4, 27.5, n 0.0–DID U C THAT??!! FREAKING ZERO!!!) THAT’S SEVEN OUT OF 23, ALMOST A THIRD, OF HIS STARTS HE COST HIS TEAM THE GAME BY HIMSELF!!! n the cherry on the top, of those 23 games, he only threw 3+ tds THREE TIMES, compared 2 throwing 3+ ints SIX TIMES–THAT’S ONE OUT OF EVERY FOUR GAMES HE THROWS 3+ PICKS!!!

    CONVERSELY, in games where vince has had AT LEAST 15 attempts (ie a chance 2 do something w/the passing game), in his ROOKIE year of 06, he only had SIX games UNDER a 70 rating (out of 14), in 07 it was again SIX out of 14, in 09 TWO OUT OF NINE, n last year ONE OUT OF SEVEN. in case ne1 needs help w/the math, that’s 15 out of 44…FIFTEEN OUT OF FORTY-FOUR, which is a THIRD, in almost DOUBLE the amount of games as a consistent starter, compared to practically HALF for rex!! (btw, 2 b fair, in case ne1′s wondering about vince single-handedly costing his team losses w/horrible games, he only had SIX games, out of those 44 starts, with a rating UNDER 40–SIX OUT OF 44!! n only ONCE–ONE FREAKING TIME!!!–was it even UNDER 30 (12.0, christmas 09–WHO THE HELL WANTS 2 LEAVE THEIR FAMILY N GO 2 WORK ON CHRISTMAS EVENING??!!) n as far as his games with 3+ picks in a game, he’s had 2 in those 44 games–TWICE OUT OF FORTY-FOUR PEOPLE!! now compare that 2 rex’s FOUR in 23 games…?!?! n yes, vince’s td/int ratio is only 42/42, but wait, m i 4getting something? what’s that? what’s that u say? vince is a ‘multi-dimensional’ qb, aka HE CAN FREAKING RUN, n also has 12 rushing tds? TWELVE??!! n let’s not EVEN mention factoring in his rushing yards combined with is passing yards, which would bring his total offense ypg average n offensive efficiency rating ABOVE rex’s passing ypg–YARDS ARE YARDS PEOPLE

    n b4 every1 punches mcnabb’s ticket outa town, n thinks grossman is better, something 2 keep in mind about d-mac’s season–he was sacked FOURTH-MOST this year, ONE behind rivers for 3rd, n THREE behind flacco for 2nd–IN THREE LESS GAMES–thanx to THREE starting OL being out from the year before (m.williams, dockery, n levi jones, who most ppl 4get was a perennial pro-bowler in cinci–so he wasn’t here, but still productive n shoudnt’ve been released, leading 2 a ROOKIE protecting his blind side, which SHOULD’VE been RUSSELL OKUNG) n a FOURTH playing out of position as a result (jamaal is a GUARD, NOT TACKLE PPL)

    n if ur STILL not convinced he was getting the CRAP beaten out of him by defenses able 2 go after him, in addition 2 being sacked SECOND-MOST in the league PER GAME, here’s the fumble rankings (kinda hard 2 hold on2 it when rookie/inexperienced backs CONSTANTLY miss blitz pickups (GOD cp was THE BEST at that), n backup linemen get protection calls wrong, allowing dl n lb’s 2 get free runs at him due 2 twists, stunts, etc:

    1. garrard, 11
    VICK, 11 (hmmm…free agent…ne1??)
    3. MCNABB, 10 (led the nfl in fmb rcv w/8, so only lost 2)
    cutler, 10 (n u ALL know the story about their line)
    5. campbell, 9 (YEP, THAT ONE)
    BREES, 9 (so if he fumbles, he must suck, rite?)
    flacco, 9 (n him also?)
    sanchez, 9 (him too?)
    schaub, 9

    plus, check THIS out 4 irony–look at the yds/comp 4 qb’s this year from third thru eighth:

    3. vick, 13.0
    4. a.rodgers, 12.6
    5. orton, 12.5
    cutler, 12.5
    7. MCNABB, 12.3
    campbell, 12.3 (YEP, HIM AGAIN)

    so WHEN he had time 2 throw, n NOT running 4 his life or laying on his back due 2 NO RUNNING GAME 2 balance out the offense n keep defenses guessing instead of being able 2 ‘pin their ears back’ n focus on playing the pass, plus a patchwork swiss-cheese line (BRING BACK JOE BUGEL!!) offering minimal protection, he was STILL one of the best in the league at getting the job done, n only THREE-TENTHS of a yard BEHIND RODGERS per completion, DESPITE shanny jr’s PATHETIC AND INEPT gameplanning n playcalling ‘strategies’!!

    so hate on vince n d-mac all u want, n believe the hype of the haters drinking haterade thats being pushed by the media if u want, IN BOTH CITIES, but there’s the empirical data 4 u, n all the evidence u need, in black-n-white. n if ne1 STILL thinks it’s all vince’s fault tenn fell apart this year, what happened 2 every1′s newest flavor of the month, chris johnson? or that ‘vaunted’ tenn ‘d’?? then compare that 2 what happened 2 the rex-led bears n their offense after thomas jones left, n the halas hall ‘experts’ decided 2 make hester a full-time wr n not have him return kicks?? ne1?? SO, in the end, it all boils down 2 this–who’s numbers show he’s more effective/efficient at running an offense, being more productive, n help as opposed 2 hinder his team’s ability 2 win…ie, WHO’S CARRIED A TEAM ON HIS BACK COMPARED 2 JUMPING ON THE BACK OF HIS TEAM??!!

    (if i read an EDUCATED, logical, informed, fact-based argument 2 counter this that proves the opposite, THEN WTF R U DOING HERE INSTEAD OF BEING ON A COACHING STAFF OR JOURNALIST??)

    • anonymous

      just found this 2day as a follow-up 2 the OL issues that d-mac had 2 deal with throughout the season–so if u (STILL) dont wanna take my word 4 it about the o-line, then what about some1 who gets paid to?!


      • Scott Stewart

        ummmmm do you read this site on the regular? if you do than you should know by now that I think the Skins o-line sucks heck just about anyone who watches the skins o-line thinks they suck…

        I’ve also said that Grossman is not the answer either. So really what was the point of that long winded rant?

  • Scott Stewart

    You were so emotional in that rant it was very hard to read at times but I will try and discuss this with you

    1. I never said that Grossman is the answer so you need to come off that right now

    2. I never said that the Skins o-line was good so you need to come off that right now

    3. The guy you praised and said I should go read what he has to say and all pretty much said the same things of McNabb that I have

    “Redskins fans saw what frustrated Eagles fans for 11 seasons: throwing off the back foot, bounce passes to open receivers, overthrowing open receivers deep, a few late-game-drive-killing interceptions”

    I’ve blamed the receivers for dropping passes.
    I’ve blamed the o-line for flat out sucking most of the time.

    I give blame where blame is needed and McNabb does need to carry a good part of the blame. There was a number of times where the line held up but McNabb still one bounced passes. That is not on the o-line that comes down to the quarterback.

    McNabb is far from perfect

    1. he is old
    2. he can’t move around like he used to
    3. inaccurate
    4. has poor mechanics

    I don’t think the Redskins can win a Super Bowl with Grossman or McNabb.

    I have said on here that I don’t think the Skins will be a contender next year with Grossman or McNabb so honestly I don’t care who comes back.

    I want them to work on the offensive line and draft a qb that is what I want for the Redskins on offense

  • Scott Stewart

    oh and as for Vince Young well when you learn to calm down, talk with respect than we can have a discussion. Then and only then will I show you why Vince Young is not a good qb

    when you throw all this why dont you read what someone has to get paid crap around it just becomes annoying. That does not make me want to discuss anything with you it makes me just shake my head and laugh.

    would you like to see the opinion on Young from some people who get “paid” to write? because I have news for you there are quite a bit of them who dont like Young. I guess they wont know what they are talking about either because they dont agree with you right?

    Just face it I didnt drink any haterade as you put it. You were just silly enough to drink the Hype Kool-Aid and got so drunk you have not sobered up to the truth yet your boy Vince Young is not a good qb

    So repost without the attempted insults and we can talk Vince Young