2008 Mock Draft, Version 1

Here is my first of many mock drafts.  Come back here about every two weeks as I try to put together the best predictions for what teams will take.  In the coming weeks, I’ll be expanding to two rounds and then probably three.  And once this year I think I’m going to try to do the whole draft.  Too much fun not to try.  Enjoy and come back often.

Team 1st Round

Miami Logo

1. Miami Dolphins – Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU.  The concensus best defensive player in the draft.  Having invested in Tedd Ginn at WR and John Beck at QB last year, the offenseive skill positions are unlikely.  Dorsey has the potential to be a disruptive force on the d-line if he can avoid his back troubles.
St. Louis Rams Draft Logo 2. St. Louis Rams – Jake Long, OT, Michigan.  The Rams need help all over the offensive line, have an aging receiver corps, and a terrible defense.  Long could be the long term Orlando Pace replacement that they will need to protect the injury-prone Marc Bulger and pave the way for Jackson.  They could go defense too, and select Chris Long.
Atlanta Falcons Draft Logo 3. Atlanta Falcons – Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas. I know, I know.  Everyone has the Falcons taking a QB, and they need one.  But one doesn’t need to look very hard at Ryan and Brohm to see that these guys are just not top 5 QB material.  Ryan doesn’t have the arm and Brohm is ponderous in his decision making. I think the Falcons would love to trade down to a team that has a crush on McFadden.  If they can’t, they’ll take him and look for Colt Brennan or Andre Woodson to fall into the second round (which they will).  The Falcons clearly believe that Jerious Norwood is not a long-term feature back.  In McFadden, the Falcons have a great building block for their future.

Oakland Raiders Draft Logo

4. Oakland Raiders – Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC. The retirement of Warren Sapp forces the Raiders to tread water and replace him with his younger twin.  Ellis will fill the gaps and build pressure in the middle.  Another option is Chris Long, but Long would fit better in a 3-4 alignment.

Kansas City Chiefs Draft Logo

5. Kansas City Chiefs – Chris Long, DE, Virginia. I know I just said he’d be better suited to a 3-4, but with Ellis gone, long is a great value pick.  The Chiefs seem committed to one more year of the Brodie Croyle experiment, and Long and Hali would make great book ends.
NY Jets Draft Logo 6. New York Jets – James Laurainitis, MLB, Ohio St. I’d think the Jets would be tempted to go QB here.  But how many can they have?  Unless they can dump Pennington in a trade (unlikely), the cap just won’t let them try a 3rd QB.  This is a great need pick that also happens to be the best player on the board.  They could also continue their trend of building the offensive line and go with Sam Bakar.
New England Patriots Draft Logo 7. New England Patriots (From 49ers) – Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio St. Obviously, the Pats don’t have any specific needs. This covers any long term issues with Asante Samuels and adds depth to a secondary that up until this year always seemed in need of it. Vernon Gholston is another possible pick here.

Ravens Logo

8. Baltimore Ravens – Sam Bakar, OT, USC. The Ravens have issues on both sides of the ball and are aging fast.  They could pick Gholston here and essentially replace Adalius Thomas.  Bakar replaces Jonathan Ogden which might be more imortant particularly if they are going to stick with an aging Steve McNair.

Cincinnati Bengals Draft Logo

9. Cincinnati Bengals – Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio St. This whole defense is a shambles and they could just as easily go linebacker here with Dan Connor. Gholston gives them a much needed pass rush and is a great value pick here.
New Orleans Saints Draft Logo 10. New Orleans Saints – Kenny Phillips, S, Miami. Of course, I’m sad we’ll lose out on the next great safety from the U, but there’s no way he’s falling to us.  The Saints need help all over the defense including end and outside linebacker.  They could also go with Derrick Harvey or Dan Connor. Phillips should have the biggest immediate impact however on a team one year removed from serious contention. 
Buffalo Bills Draft Logo

11. Buffalo Bills – DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal. The Bills seem to have a find with Trent Edwards, and while the defense needs work, it seems like a better idea to give him another target.  Jackson should be a good compliment to Lee Evans who is a great all around receiver. Jackson is lightning fast and will open the field for Evans.

Denver Broncos Draft Logo

12. Denver Broncos – Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina. The Broncos need help all over the defensive and offensive lines.  The defensive line is more of a priority particularly with Sam Adams being old and fat enough to deliver presents on Christmas Eve.  Balmer is an upside player and Derrick Harvey might be the pick because he is more of a sure thing.
Carolina Panthers Draft Logo 13. Carolina Panthers- Matt Ryan, QB, BC. I think some people will be surprised by this pick, but I think it is highly logical.  Delhomme has been steadily worse the last few years and is coming off a major injury.  There won’t be too many great years left from Steve Smith.  The Panthers need someone who can get him the ball and they need it now or else the window will close on Smith.

Chicago Bears Draft Logo

14. Chicago Bears – Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville. The Bears would consider themselves very lucky if Ryan or Brohm falls to them.  I think they are highly unlikely to go for Andre Woodson because he doesn’t fit the offense.  If both QBs are gone as most people predict, look for the Bears to try to trade down so they can grab an RB in the right spot.

Detroit Lions Draft Logo

15. Detroit Lions – Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida.  This is a need pick and the Lions would be reaching a bit to take Jenkins.  But they desperately need to beef up the secondary.  They could take Harvey instead and hope the extra pass rush makes up for it.
Arizona Cardinals Draft Logo 16. Arizona Cardinals – Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida.  The offense is certainly set (assuming Leinart can learn the two minute drill).  The defense has fast linebackers, but lacks CBs and on the defensive line.  Harvey is the best available player on the board, and the Cardinals will consider themselves lucky he fell.

Minnesota Vikings Draft Logo

17. Minnesota Vikings – Limas Sweed, WR, Texas.  The Vikings desperately need WR targets to take the pressure of the running game and their young QB.  Sweed has injury issues, but his a big, reliable target and could step in (if healthy) and give the Vikings a short range target right now.  Combined with Bobby Wade, and Troy Williamson they’d make an interesting corps.  Williamson would make an interesting deep threat out of the slot and Wade is going to mature into a well-rounded target.
Houston Texans Draft Logo 18. Houston Texans – Ryan Clady, OT, Boise St. The Texans finally start to address their offensive line problems.  Clady will take some heat off of Schaub, and Andre Johnson will be crowned as the best WR in the league if they give the QB some time. If Clady is good right out of the blocks, the Texans are a threat to go to the playoffs.
Eagles Logo 19. Philadelphia Eagles – Dan Connor, LB, Penn St. The Eagles desperately need playmakers on defense and particularly at LB.  Connor fits the bill and might help people forget about Jermiah Trotter.  Donovan McNabb was talking about how he needed more playmakers, too, so it wouldn’t shock me if the Eagles chose Mario Manningham but he’s a bit of a reach here.
Tampa Bay Bucanneers Draft Logo 20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Fred Davis, TE, USC. The Bucs need youth at wideout and all over the defense.  But Davis fits a great need in Jon Gruden’s style of West Coast offense.  He’ll stretch the center of the field and pressure opposing safeties to decide between Davis and Galloway.  Othr options include Calais Cambpell or Quentin Groves, not to mention Rey Maualuga.
Washington Redskins Draft Logo

21. Washington Redskins – Quentin Groves, DE, Auburn.  Groves is not the best all-around DE left on the board but he is the best pass rusher and that’s what we need.  Calais Campbell is better against the run (not to mention, he’s from the U), but Groves has the chance to be like Dwight Freeney. That will add a dynamic layer to our D that has been missing.
Dallas Cowboys Draft Logo 22. Dallas Cowboys (From Browns) – Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas.  Jerry Jones bags the replacement to Julius Jones and he’s from Jerry’s alma mater too.  Jones averaged a sick 8.7 yards per carry in college and will make a great change of pace to Marion Barber.
Seattle Seahawks Draft Logo 23. Seattle Seahawks – Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma.  The Seahawks have had trouble keeping all of their WR’s healthy and on the field.  Kelly could solve that.  Another option would be the interior line, but there really isn’t a first round option there this season.  Corner would be an option, except again, any corner here would be a reach.
Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Logo 24. Pittsburgh Steelers – Calais Campbell, DE, Miami. The Steelers have great depth every where and no obvious needs.  Campbell would add a dynamic nature to their d-line without sacrificing the ability to play the run.  Some outlets say they need WRs.  While I disagree, I can see how Early Doucett would be a nice value pick here. Doucett will be an excellent #2 WR.

Tennesse Titans Draft Logo

25. Tennessee Titans – Early Doucett, WR, LSU.  The Titans need more targets for Vince Young.  Mario Manningham is a bigger name, but he is smaller and not any faster.  Manningham does have a “playmaker” reputation though and could easily fit here.  Doucett looks to have the better pro resume though, and I think Norm Chow could do a lot with him.
New York Giants Draft Logo 26. New York Giants – Keith Rivers, OLB, USC.  The Giants need help at OLB and CB, and there are no CBs worth taking here.  Rivers will help them with their issues in the running game.  The pass rush is incredible, and if they can shore up the run defense, this defense can be special.
San Diego Chargers Draft Logo 27. San Diego Chargers -Rey Maualuga, MLB, USC.  This is a value pick. The Chargers don’t have any real holes (except head coach) and Maualuga is the best player on the board.  Another option would be to replace Michael Turner by taking Jonathan Stewart, or another WR like Manningham.
Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Logo 28. Jacksonville Jaguars – Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt.  Another value pick.  The Jags o-line is pretty average and Williams will help.  Truthfully, the Jags could go for anyone who falls here.  They could use some secondary help as well and Agib Talib could fit the bill here.
Green Bay Packers Draft Logo 29. Green Bay Packers – John Carlson, TE, Notre Dame.  This is a bit of a reach, but the Packers have been looking for a replacement for Mark Chmura for a long time.  Carlson might be able to do that for Favre if he comes back.  This team is amazingly stacked for such a young team.  The only other obvious option would be a right tackle like Jeffrey Otah.
Dallas Cowboys Draft Logo 30. Dallas Cowboys – Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan.  With Terry Glenn and Terrell Owens getting older, this is a perfect pick.  Manningham can learn to use his body in the pros under less pressure, and then take over for Glenn (and eventually TO) in the next couple of years.  The only reason Manningham is falling this far is because of his size, 6’0, 185 lbs. 

San Francisco 49ers Draft Logo

31. San Francisco 49ers (From Colts) – Ali Highsmith, LB, Auburn.  the 49ers would love to add another WR to the mix and could certainly improve the offensive line.  But with the major WR targets gone, Highsmith makes an interesting pick because he’s a guided missile that could be added to Patrick Willis to form one of the scariest LB corps in the league.  There are several o-lineman that will likely fall to them in the second round.

New England Patriots Draft Logo


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