Ranking top 5 QB draft prospects in 2024: Who will the Commanders take?

It's almost decision-time for the Commanders...
Drake Maye
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3. Jayden Daniels

Four years ago, I did one of the easiest quarterback evaluations on LSU great Joe Burrow. He displayed the makings of a top signal-caller in the league and became just that. The Cincinnati Bengals star is the greatest signal-caller in Tigers program history. Behind him is Jayden Daniels.

Daniels has had quite the career. One of his biggest highlights wasn’t even with LSU, but when he led the Arizona State Sun Devils to an upset victory over the Justin Herbert-led Oregon Ducks during his freshman campaign.

While his career in Tempe didn’t pan out, Daniels certainly did the opposite once he arrived in Baton Rouge. During his super-senior year in college football, he won the Heisman Trophy after an outstanding campaign with nearly 4,000 passing yards, more than 1,100 rushing yards, and 50 total touchdowns.

Seeing the former No. 2 dual-threat quarterback in the 2019 recruiting class develop into a highly-coveted prospect was great, something many hoped he would do with Arizona State after a flashy true freshman campaign. It took Daniels nearly six years, but he is slated to be a top-five pick in this year’s draft.

Daniels is yet another incredibly dynamic quarterback to enter the draft. His long, yet small frame will raise alarm bells for decision-makers and coaches with questions about long-term durability. If he learns to slide and avoid contact as a runner, there shouldn't be a problem.

He’s up there with Anthony Richardson and Lamar Jackson as one of the most explosive signal-callers I’ve ever evaluated. Daniels will run away from defenses and show creativity as a ball carrier.

As a passer, Daniels shows ample accuracy on all three levels. He's got a beautiful deep ball. He can throw slot fades and “go” routes with ease.

He has great field vision, allowing him to work through his progressions seamlessly. However, Daniels must improve his anticipation as a passer to make up for the lack of elite arm talent along with adding more mass, density, and play strength to his frame.

Daniels should be welcomed by Washington Commanders fans for his translatable skill set at the next level that could make him one of the most lethal threats under center.