Ranking every Commanders' 2023 draft pick ahead of rookie minicamp

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Chris Rodriguez Jr. - Commanders RB

Barring any injuries, the running back position for the Washington Commanders is one of the most set positions going into the offseason. The selection of Chris Rodriguez Jr. is firmly a depth pick.

Brian Robinson Jr. and Antonio Gibson seem like the ideal one-two punch. However, with expertise as a running backs coach, offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy could find ways to add Rodriguez to his new offense.

This notion was recently discussed by Ron Rivera via Sports Illustrated. The head coach stated Bieniemy was extremely high on Rodriguez and will look to find some role for him right out of the gate if everything goes well this offseason.

"“Feel very good about what we have with AG [Antonio Gibson] and we continue see the growth and development with B-Rob [Brian Robinson]. I mean, those are two young guys that we like a lot. Adding a physical player in Christopher is a guy that, talking to Eric and what Eric wants to do and how he wants to use him, in Eric's mind, this is a guy that will fit what he wants. And so we're pretty excited about being able to pick him. We had a higher grade on him too as well. So we thought we got a lot of value here.”"

Ron Rivera via Sports Illustrated

 The Commanders have also gotten some previous production from other running backs like Jaret Patterson and Jonathan Williams. It will be fascinating to see what Bienemy might have in store for Rodriguez Jr.

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