Ranking the 5 best moves from Commanders GM Adam Peters' front-office career

Discovering uncut gems has been Adam Peters' speciality...

Adam Peters and John Lynch
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1. George Kittle (TE)

  • No. 146 overall selection (2017)

George Kittle was scouted by Adam Peters with the Denver Broncos as well. The San Francisco 49ers had a third-round grade on him. They took a chance by waiting and the tight end fell to them in the fifth round.

Despite having the second-highest Relative Athletic Score among tight ends in the 2017 NFL Draft, NFL.com's scouting report saw him as an average backup or special teamer. Looking at his career to date, they couldn't have been further off the mark.

Kittle has not only made the Pro Bowl in every season where he has started over 10 games, but he has been the safety valve of the Niners' offense. Before there was Deebo Samuel, before there was Christian McCaffrey, there was Kittle.

Looks like he can get separation just fine on his routes. This was one of his primary critiques coming into the league out of Iowa.

There were many other players that Peters has had a hand in selecting including Justin Simmons, Julius Thomas, and many more. With the number of gaps on the Washington Commanders' roster, I can't wait to see what the new head of football operations can do with his magic pixie dust.

And there is plenty of that to go around with the Commanders boasting a plethora of draft picks and the league's most available salary-cap space currently.