Ranking the 5 best moves from Commanders GM Adam Peters' front-office career

Discovering uncut gems has been Adam Peters' speciality...

Adam Peters and John Lynch
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3. Fred Warner (LB)

  • No. 70 overall selection (2018)

Although Fred Warner is the highest-drafted on this list, he is still considered a steal for the San Francisco 49ers. Not only has he not missed a game throughout his career, but the ferocious linebacker has far exceeded the expectations of only being a special teams contributor coming out of college.

NFL.com's scouting report compared him to Alani Fua (who?). I had to look him up myself, he started zero games and finished with eight career tackles. Warner surpassed those numbers in his first career game. He emerged quickly and is widely considered to be the most well-rounded second-level defender in the league.

Warner is a three-time Pro Bowler and three-time first-team All-Pro. He is one of the stalwarts of the Niners' defense. He makes big plays in all phases. He is a supreme communicator pre-snap. The instincts he brings to the table are nothing short of astonishing on occasion.

How the Washington Commanders could use someone like Warner as the glue of their defense. Ron Rivera completely ignored the position aside from spending a first-round selection on Jamin Davis. Considering how influential the likes of Warner and Roquan Smith have been in guiding their respective teams deep into the playoffs, it's a mistake new general manager Adam Peters cannot make.