NFC East offseason power rankings: Commanders on the move in 2024?

Have the Commanders done enough to compete for the top spot?
Dan Quinn
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2. Washington Commanders

So much will depend on quarterback Jayden Daniels. There is no way around it.

With all of the other changes that have been made - as well as the future of having Adam Peters around to press the buttons - the Washington Commanders' future looks exceptionally bright. It is not outlandish to say that with the new general manager in the building, if the No. 2 pick turns out to be an All-Pro, then the franchise should be one of the future powers of not only the NFC East but the entire NFL.

There's something that must be given further consideration. Because as fabulous as the offseason has been for the Commanders, Peters has taken a lot of the spotlight off the man who could turn out to be just as important this season as Daniels. The person that a lot of Commanders fans, just a short while ago, were lamenting the hiring of.

That man is Dan Quinn.

So much of this season will depend on how Quinn, Kliff Kingsbury, and Joe Whitt Jr. coach, both in practices and during games. The defense has talent all over the place, even in the secondary with the additions of Jeremy Chinn and Mike Sainristil. There is more talent on offense as well, with offensive line improvements, as well as the obvious addition of Daniels.

None of that will mean anything unless the coaching itself proves to be good. A team with young talent will only go as far as their staff takes them. Having taken a team to the Super Bowl, one can bank on Quinn doing a good job - whether his former team the Atlanta Falcons blew a 28-3 lead or not.

Quinn has proven himself a good coach, as evidenced by Bobby Wagner choosing to play for him once more. Assuming the Commanders have their coach of the future, and despite popular opinion, they should be able to fight for a top-two spot in the NFC East and potentially even a wild card birth.