NFC East offseason power rankings: Commanders on the move in 2024?

Have the Commanders done enough to compete for the top spot?
Dan Quinn
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3. Dallas Cowboys

Their most recent loss against the Green Bay Packers could have potentially set the Dallas Cowboys back several years. It was somewhat of a terrible peak, the top of their heightening mountain of playoff woes. It's not absurd to consider it the type of reverse that can change a franchise - and not in a good way.

There is a lot of evidence on Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott at this point. When he faces good teams and when he gets into crunch time situations, he falls apart like a piece of cinnamon crumble cake. It's almost to the point where teams want to see Dallas in the playoffs given the misery associated with the organization since their last Super Bowl triumph in the 1990s.

However talented the Cowboys might be, a team, like a relationship, can only take so many heartbreaking moments before it's time to tear it all down and move on. That very well may have happened this last season against the Packers and is surely a large part of the reason that Dallas is planning on going into the 2024 season with both Prescott and head coach Mike McCarthy on expiring contracts.

Not to mention they are bringing back old man running back Ezekiel Elliot with the hopes that he is still in shape to perform as the leader of a committe approach. Jerry Jones stated he was going all-in this season, but his actions saw something completely different.

With all of this in mind, one can only wonder if they have the internal fortitude that it will take to bounce back from the devastating defeat they experienced after yet another very good regular season. After all, there will come a time when they will no longer be able to keep up such a facade.

That could be this season. You might want to bank on it.