NFC East 2024 offseason roster rankings: Commanders rising from the ashes?

How has the offseason shaped the NFC East?
Dan Quinn
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3. Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders and New York Giants are pretty close. We all know how this team changed in the offseason, but let’s break it down to show why they are in the No. 3 spot within the NFC East.

Three franchise-altering moves were made. Washington drafted potential star quarterback Jayden Daniels, the signing of an experienced and knowledgeable general manager in Adam Peters, and secured a head coach in Dan Quinn that checks all the boxes.

Daniels will slowly develop throughout the season. If he pans out, he could be a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. He won’t reach that full potential during his rookie year, but the hope is that he shows flashes throughout the season.

Quinn is one of the most respected coaches in the league. Peters is bringing his knowledge from the San Francisco 49ers over to Washington. This was proven when 22 free agents signed on to the Commanders. Based on the media, it already looks like the culture and intensity of this team made a huge change for the better.

The insane number of free agents secured wasn’t the end of the Commanders' great offseason. Washington also had arguably one of the best drafts in the NFL. We already talked about the No. 2 pick, so let’s discuss the college selection process further.

In the second round, the Commanders made two selections - cornerback Mike Sanristil and tight end Ben Sinnott. Both of these picks filled huge needs and are two players who'll impact the Commanders for a long time.

To end Day 2 of the draft, offensive lineman Brandon Coleman and wide receiver Luke McCaffrey were taken. Linebacker Jordan Magee was taken on Day 3 and can have an important role with further development under the Commanders' improved coaching staff.

This team won’t be anything crazy in 2024. However, it can make some noise in the division and show that it will soon be a force to be reckoned with.