Commanders key numbers: Losing streak continues while draft position improves

Seven straight losses. One more game and it will all be over...

Ron Rivera
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What key numbers attached themselves to another demoralizing yet expected defeat for the Washington Commanders in Week 17?

After the Washington Commanders benched Sam Howell in two consecutive games and saw Jacoby Brissett provide a spark that hadn't been seen in weeks, it was only a matter of time before he got the call to start. That call happened earlier this week, with two meaningless games of football to play.

But, in true Washington fashion, Brissett showed up on the injury report on Friday with a hamstring issue. Looks like the team can't even get benching a quarterback right or the new owner, Josh Harris didn't want to risk a fluke win late in the season to hurt his team's draft position.

Either way, in an Eminem style, Howell had another shot to prove his case. His one opportunity to seize everything he ever wanted...and he let it slip. Maybe his palms were sweaty.

But enough with the jokes, the Commanders lost their seventh straight game to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, dropping to 4-12 and once again finishing last in the NFC East.

Although Howell and the team kept it close, entering halftime down only three, that early success faded quickly and was followed by a two-interception second half by the young quarterback. In a homecoming for Chase Young and Trent Williams, it was clear to see that the Niners are currently opposites to where the Commanders find themselves.

Let's get into the key numbers from the Commanders' 27-10 loss in Week 17.