Commanders key numbers: Bounce back effort falls just short at the Eagles

Yes, there are no moral victories in football, but there are stepping stones...

Ron Rivera and Brian Robinson Jr.
Ron Rivera and Brian Robinson Jr. / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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What were the key numbers that played a significant role in the Washington Commanders' encouraging overtime loss at the Philadelphia Eagles?

Ultimately, they did take a loss, but the Washngton Commanders proved to the fans, and more importantly, themselves, that they have the ability to bounce back. They have the ability to take one to the chin, fall flat on their faces, as they did against the Buffalo Bills, and get back up ready to fight while giving themselves a chance to win.

After throwing four interceptions against the Bills, Sam Howell played lights out, making clutch throw after clutch throw. Yes, he still made some mistakes, but the poise he showed in the two-minute drill, tying the game with no time left in regulation, is something we haven't seen a quarterback do for Washington in quite some time.

To go from losing by 30-plus to taking it to the Philadelphia Eagles' throats all game shows progress. Being the first team to score against such a formidable defense in the first quarter shows growth. Taking a lead into half-time for the first time in 2023 shows potential.

And yes, none of this changes the standings. And, yes, moral victories aren't something that gets you into the playoffs. But, you know what they do achieve?

They reignite a fanbase. They show the team's resilience and ability to bounce back. They provide a glimpse of what the Commanders have the potential to become.

Myself, along with countless others, have said this time and time again. But this time, it feels different.

Could Howell be the answer? Could a more run-balanced approach be the formula for success?

At 2-2, the season is still young, and as Eric Bieniemy continues to mold the offense to the players' strengths, this team has the potential to surprise. Let's get to the key numbers from Week 4's loss to the Eagles.