Commanders deep dive: Attempting to solve Adam Peters' QB conundrum

This pick will decide the future of the Washington Commanders.
J.J. McCarthy
J.J. McCarthy / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Drake Maye

Drake Maye is an elite quarterback prospect and is my personal choice for the Washington Commanders. He has his flaws but shows true unteachable talent that can take this team to the next level.

A notable pro comp for him is Justin Herbert. If Maye reaches his ceiling, I could see him being how Carson Wentz was in 2017 when he was well on his way to an NFL MVP before getting injured.

Maye lost a lot of talent from his offense going into the 2023 season. His best option - Devontez Walker - was injured for four games. Due to this, the signal-caller was fighting for his life. His receivers constantly dropped dots. Even with this, his talent was still extremely evident.

The North Carolina prospect has arguably the best arm strength in the class. The only quarterbacks that rival it are Joe Milton and Caleb Williams. Due to his poor offensive line, Maye had to run a lot. Through this, he displayed the ability to create and perform in off-rhythm plays.

He combines arm strength with athleticism by evading defenders and throwing when a window becomes available. Maye has very good mobility. He won’t be a Lamar Jackson, but he is capable of producing a 300-yard rushing season in the NFL. His accuracy and ball placement are extremely good. He's also got an NFL-ready build at 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds.

His mechanics aren’t good. That’s easily his biggest concern. It’s why he air-mails balls at times.

This is something a coaching staff can develop in the NFL, but it will take some time. Maye's biggest mechanical issue is his footwork. He tends to drift toward his intended receiver, which leads to inaccuracies, unnecessary pressure, and sacks.

Maye also shows some inconsistencies in his accuracy, but I don’t think it’s as bad as people think. It does, however, lead him to miss some very routine throws. This left his tape in 2023 looking like a rollercoaster. His processing is fine, but he has some throws where you just wonder where he was looking, and those sometimes lead to bad interceptions.