Commanders 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft: Free agency clues edition

It's been a crazy few days for the Commanders...
Malik Washington
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Commanders select Beau Brade

  • Safety | Maryland Terripans
  • Round No. 3 | No. 67 overall

Washington Commanders fans might be asking why safety is the pick here despite the latest signing of Jeremy Chinn. Despite this acquisition, the versatile weapon could be the team’s WILL linebacker this upcoming season. Signing Bobby Wagner could change that, but it's an option to consider nonetheless.

The former 2020 second-round selection feels like a natural fit at that spot. Chinn can continue to play in the box while using his diverse skill set and elite athleticism to cover opposing tight ends, race to the flats, or be a match defender.

Washington must find a way to address the backend of their secondary, even if that means having a rookie play early and often. Unless Quan Martin moves from nickel to free safety in 2023, it seems unlikely this franchise will move forward with Darrick Forrest and Percy Butler as their two starting safeties if Kamren Curl doesn't return

I could see Adam Peters and Dan Quinn going the local route with an acquisition at safety in this year’s draft. Just under 45 minutes east of a trip to College Park, the Maryland Terrapins had a playmaker on the backend of their secondary who was a do-it-all type of player I could see the Commanders' head coach falling in love with. 

A former three-star high school recruit, Beau Brade is a versatile safety who can come down and play in the box as a big nickel, split-safety, and has the fluidity and athleticism to play as a single-high defender. He is a physical player who can play downhill and provide run support - traits that ensure the prospect sees playing time early in his NFL career.