6 free-agent offensive tackles the Commanders could sign in 2024

Reinforcements are on the way.
Tyron Smith
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Commanders could sign Tyron Smith

This list would not be complete without Tyron Smith, who is widely regarded as the best offensive tackle in free agency. A lot of his situation will play out based on his desire, which nobody will disagree he has most certainly earned.

It seems as if Smith and the Dallas Cowboys are going to go their separate ways. He also has friends in the nation's capital. Friends whom he knows, like him, have not yet won the big one, and have a more pressing will to do so.

The future Pro Football Hall of Famer will hit the open market with a vengeance. Of course, he will likely want to land on a contender so that Smith can add the sole accolade he has yet to acquire. That said, it should not escape the mind of Washington Commanders' management that though his price tag could be decent, it could be worked around based on incentives and bonuses.

This would allow the Commanders to focus on drafting a quarterback early, as well as being able to focus on selecting what should be some future linemen with their medley of other picks. This would not be a terrible route to go.

At the end of the day, Smith will have much more say in his future than many others. If the Commanders could poach him for a few years at the end of his career, he could prove invaluable to the development and psyche of the new young quarterback.

A guy like Smith would come in and make the whole team better from day one.