5 pivotal games that will define the Commanders' 2024 season

These games could make or break Washington's year...
Dan Quinn
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Commanders at Eagles - Week 11

Every Washington Commanders fan remembers the huge upset win over the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday Night Football in 2022. It was a remarkable accomplishment that Ron Rivera could unfortunately not build upon in the weeks, months, and years after. This game is a chance to recreate that moment and maybe even prove that Dan Quinn's new-look squad is a threat in the NFC.

Knocking off probably the best team in the NFC East and one of the more prolific franchises across the conference under the bright lights will be a way to put the league on notice. If WQuinn can pull this off, it'll confirm that this up-and-coming team is already a threat.

Depending on what the Commanders’ record is before this game, a win here can either prove that this is either a legitimately good team or help create momentum for the turning point in the season.

Commanders at Cowboys - Week 18

The Commanders will end their regular season on the road against the Dallas Cowboys for the third year in a row. During the last two seasons, this final outing before the postseason was an almost useless contest. Ron River's men were already eliminated from playoff contention and eventually, he paid with his job as Josh Harris' ownership group ushered in an exciting new era.

This year, there’s a chance the Commanders could be going into this game needing a win to earn their spot in the playoffs. That's no guarantee, but there's a growing sense of optimism that Washington can be more competitive with Dan Quinn as head coach and Jayden Daniels spearheading the roster as the team's new franchise quarterback.

How sweet would it be for Washington to clinch the playoffs in the last week of the regular season against Quinn’s old squad?