4 things we've learned so far at Commanders 2023 training camp

With two weeks of Commanders training camp in the books, what storylines have stood out so far?
Eric Bieniemy
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Commanders new OC brings intense accountability

One voice can normally be heard above all others during daily practices at this year's Washington Commanders training camp. New offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy continually yells out instructions at near-deafening decibels as his presence remains sorely felt across the organization.

The former Kansas City Chiefs play-caller has been a jolt of life for Washington's formerly flat-lined franchise, raising the bar for what is expected from the perennially inept production. Bieniemy demands a strict level of excellence and does not hesitate to let his team know if the expected effort is not being adequately attained - many times yanking players from drills and vocalizing his rigid requirements at a vastly elevated volume.

After winning two Super Bowl rings with Kansas City, Bieniemy knows what it takes to get to the mountaintop. His uncommon and unwavering attention to detail is alarmingly evident throughout every drill and repetition - something that's had a positive impact to date.

You won't see much standing around at practice with Bieniemy running the show. The intensity and continuity of each session make for a highly efficient atmosphere grounded in maximum effort and accountability.

The players are all in perpetual motion, moving meticulously from one drill to the next without much downtime - apart from when each is subject to individual ear-piercing educational elaborations by the Commanders' cacophonous new coach.

The infectious attitude Bieniemy brings to an already talented Washington squad should instantly pay dividends in 2023. The Commanders offense could prove to be one of the more disciplined and dynamic units in the league with the former Chiefs coordinator crafting the play calls.