4 pre-draft Commanders questions that received emphatic answers

This draft was a big indicator of the Commanders' future.
Jayden Daniels
Jayden Daniels / SCOTT CLAUSE/USA TODAY Network / USA
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What style of offense will Commanders run?

The Washington Commanders selection of quarterback Jayden Daniels answered this question right away. New offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury is known for bringing a college-style air raid spread offense to the NFL. That's unlikely to change thanks to the presence of a dynamic, game-changing presence under center.

With the pick of Daniels, it looks like this style of offense will continue to be run under Kingsbury. Like Kyler Murray with the Arizona Cardinals under Kingsbury's guidance, the Heisman Trophy winner out of LSU is a mobile quarterback who fits this mold perfectly. Expect a lot of designed quarterback runs and fun play designs for the Commanders' offense in 2024.

How long will the Commanders' rebuild take?

This draft was a clear indicator that this was only the beginning of the vast rebuild under Adam Peters. The general manager selected guys that filled multiple holes, but still left several potential flaws unattended to. Other than the Brandon Coleman pick, the Commanders couldn't find other improvements on the offensive line, which is concerning.

A lot of fans were upset about the lack of offensive line picks in the draft, but trust the process and be patient. This roster and franchise aren’t going to be fixed in one draft or offseason. There was too much of a mess left behind.

This offensive line won’t be great this season, even with some veteran offensive line signings that could arrive before preparations for the 2024 season gather pace. However, next offseason is when things should start coming together.

Even though this is only the start, Peters is eager to progress this vast rebuilding process quickly. Don’t expect a playoff contender in 2024 for the Commanders, but with another strong offseason in 2025, they could become a legitimate threat in 2025.

Nonetheless, the upcoming season will be incredibly exciting. It's been a long time since fans could say that.