4 huge disappointments from the Commanders' loss vs. Eagles in Week 8

The Commanders went close but fell just short.

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Commanders defense

The Washington Commanders defense allowed 30-plus points for the fifth time this season. After being hyped up once again throughout the summer, this unit continues to underachieve, falling in the bottom five in points per game allowed and yards per game allowed.

With so many first-rounders on defense, at a certain point, you have to hold Jack Del Rio accountable for the team's lack of success. It has been a recurring theme to see a player come open due to a miscommunication on defense. That was certainly the case against the Philadelphia Eagles where DeVonta Smith got wide open for a 38-yard touchdown reception.

After seeing rookie Emmanuel Forbes thoroughly embarrassed by A.J. Brown in Week 4, Del Rio and Ron Rivera thought it was a good idea to put the young cornerback in coverage on the prolific receiver. How did that work out?

Jalen Hurts immediately saw the mismatch and hit Brown for a 20-yard completion on third-and-11. Later in the game, Brown caught a touchdown pass with Forbes in coverage, this time on a third-and-7.

Overall, the Eagles converted on 61.5 percent of their third-down attempts.

When legends like Darrell Green are subtly calling out the coaching and saying Forbes isn't getting the help he needs, that's an issue.