4 huge disappointments from the Commanders' loss vs. Eagles in Week 8

The Commanders went close but fell just short.

Brian Robinson Jr.
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What huge disappointments emerged from yet another hard-fought Washington Commanders defeat against the Philadelphia Eagles?

I honestly don't know what is more painful. Seeing the Washington Commanders look lifeless against teams like the Chicago Bears and New York Giants, or seeing the team hit the glass ceiling of their potential in hard-fought losses to heavyweights like the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Commanders' decision-makers came into Week 8 saying they would make trade deadline decisions based on the outcome of the game. Well, what did the 38-31 loss to the Eagles really prove?

This team has playmakers. This team is competitive. But, this team is flawed.

After their loss at the Giants, Sam Howell spoke to the team and said there were plenty of games left. And, the team responded, coming out with a vengeance against the Eagles.

But, as we have seen countless times before, there is almost no margin for error.

That bend-but-don't-break defense that we've seen over and over and over, has officially broken. The lack of focus with dropped passes and missed assignments is beginning to show. It is clear that Ron Rivera's methods are no longer working.

And yet, the biggest disappointment of all is knowing that the new ownership regime will most likely let it all play out for nine more games. That is a tough pill to swallow.

Let's highlight some of the other major disappointments from Week 8's loss to the Eagles.