4 high-upside wide receiver prospects Commanders could steal in 2024

The new quarterback would love to have any one of these guys...
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Commanders could draft Jalen McMillan

Rated as a top-20 wide receiver by most, Jalen McMillan from the University of Washington has gone a little under the radar. This is due to the supreme depth of options emerging from the college ranks in 2024.

With his quick feet and natural ability to create space between himself and the defender, McMillan often finds himself working the middle of the field with tons of space to find his next move. This is something that almost any rookie quarterback needs.

It's one thing to have a receiver who's able to create space. But when McMillan works in the slot, his assured hands could be a significant asset to call upon.

In the talented Huskies' offense, he has been engulfed under the shadow of Rome Odunze, and even Ja'Lynn Polk. But make no mistake, McMillan could have an outstanding NFL career.

What sticks out about him most is not only how he creates space so effortlessly, but how the player gets up the field so fast and with such acceleration. Simultaneously, McMillan thrives more than just as a slot receiver. He can be an asset on screens, in the short game, over intermediate routes, and going downfield.

If Kliff Kingsbury and the Washington Commanders are looking at creating an offense that can be exceptionally creative and have many moving parts with different functions, McMillan could be a superb Swiss army knife to take with one of their final picks of the third round. That is, unless they use those picks to trade up, or even down.

Let's not forget that McMillan was also a part of the hungry and devastated Washington team that reached the college football national championship. Therefore, it could be another added benefit that he has a winning pedigree with him in the Commanders' locker room.

Building a culture happens in the draft just as much, if not more, than anywhere else.