4 grave offseason errors the Commanders must avoid in 2024

Dan Quinn and Adam Peters must avoid these four offseason errors.

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Commanders cannot dismiss franchise tag for Kamren Curl

Not many draft picks panned out under Ron Rivera. Kamren Curl is an exception. The seventh-round pick in 2020 has become an impact player at every level of the defense, somebody worthy of the franchise tag.

Curl broke up five passes, recorded a sack, and recovered a fumble in 2023. He can line up in the box, man the slot, and play in deep coverage.

The 24-year-old seems like an ideal fit for Dan Quinn - a roving hybrid defender who can be a matchup equalizer against certain threats. Like when Curl took away tight end Zach Ertz on this play against the Arizona Cardinals from way back in Week 1, highlighted by Burgundy Zone creator The Podfather.

Retaining Curl will be costly. The tag for safeties will set the Commanders back $17.22 million, according to Over the Cap.

It's a price worth paying to keep one of the few obvious building blocks at Quinn's disposal. Losing core talent has become a damaging habit for the Commanders in recent years. A habit Peters must snap in a hurry, starting with Curl.