4 exciting traits head coach Dan Quinn brings to the Commanders

Dan Quinn's appointment as head coach is good news for the Washington Commanders on four levels, including his vision, personality and creative use of talent.

Dan Quinn
Dan Quinn / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages
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Defensive scheme built for turnovers

Some defenses are bend-don't-break, but Dan Quinn's units can better be described as boom or bust. When everything's clicking, his unit is arguably the most exciting in the NFL because of a knack for generating splash plays and binging on turnovers.

The Dallas Cowboys topped the league with 93 takeaways on Quinn's watch, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. Contrast that eye-catching number with the Washington Commanders snatching just eight interceptions this season, tied for third-fewest in football. They also forced 10 fumbles, 12 fewer than the league-high.

Those numbers will jump now Quinn and ex-Cowboys assistant Joe Whitt Jr. run the defense in Washington. They'll bring some of the X's and O's magic Darius Butler highlighted for NFL Matchup on ESPN back in October.

The single-high man coverage, three-deep zone shells, and rotating personnel Butler highlighted lead nicely to the next reason why the Commanders should be excited about Quinn's arrival.